People and Skills

People and Skills

Navigating talent challenges in the energy industry

Organisations in the energy industry face a continuous challenge: the recruitment and retention of the skilled workers essential for their success. Talented employees with the most sought-after skills are becoming increasingly scarce, with 20% of the workforce predicted to have left the industry by 2025. Simultaneously, the ongoing energy transition has amplified the demand for skilled talent, creating a dual pressure on organisations to address workforce gaps while adapting to evolving industry needs.

To recruit, retrain and retain the talent needed to outperform the competition, you need to need to deliver an exceptional employee experience. To do so, Human Capital Management (HCM) must become Human Experience Management (HXM). Organisations that embrace HXM achieve better business results, higher productivity, better revenue per employee and lower employee turnover.  

84% of leaders point to employee experience as a top priority.
But only 9% believe they are ready to address the issue.

Secure a winning people strategy

Our experts will work with you to reshape your people strategy, developing an approach that places your employees at the heart of your operations. 

The result? A resilient, productive and future-ready workforce. 

Working in partnership, we'll help you leverage the latest-and-greatest from SAP's Cloud HR offering, SuccessFactors to:

  • Optimise HR programmes to attract the talent you need to thrive;
  • Deliver engaging employee experiences that boost retention;
  • Improve efficiency and productivity through AI and automation;
  • Empower a skilled, compliant and agile workforce.

Deliver total workforce management

Effectively managing contingent workers in the energy sector is a complex challenge. Streamlined workforce management processes are essential for overseeing offshore operations efficiently, minimising administrative overhead, and simplifying resource allocation. 

SAP Fieldglass, a global leader in external workforce management, provides organisations with a comprehensive view of both employees and contingent workers, to enable seamless, scalable and compliant workforce management.

  • Stay agile and connected with quick and easy access to a global network of contingent workers. 
  • Tap into real-time data insights on key performance metrics to track, manage and optimise the performance of your workforce. 
  • Leverage automated compliance to ensure you comply consistently with evolving security and labour regulations. 

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