SAP Digital Supply Chain

SAP Digital Supply Chain

Enable risk resilient, sustainable supply chain operations

A resilient, agile and connected supply chain provides the stability, flexibility and efficiency necessary for businesses to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities in today's complex and competitive global marketplace. It is a fundamental component of a successful and sustainable business strategy.

At Delaware, we offer a range of SAP solutions and tools that will help your business build a future-proof, sustainable supply chain. We'll leverage the power of SAP S/4HANA to implement a collaborative ecosystem that gives you total visibility of your products, people and processes from design through to delivery - supporting growth, efficiency and productivity for your business. 

Future ready warehouse management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management streamlines, digitises and automates warehouse and distribution centre operations to provide businesses with an optimum level of visibility and control. Leverage on-demand resource management and real-time operational reporting to track progress, resource availability and proactively mitigate risks.

  • Increase efficiency, stock accuracy and throughput
  • Lower operating costs and improve working capital
  • Boost productivity, sales and revenue.

6 Digital Solutions for an Agile Supply Chain

Get the right people, processes, technology and culture in place, and your organisation will strengthen, grow and succeed - whatever the future throws at you. This eBook focuses on the exciting and positive impact of digital solutions, enabling organisations like yours to reap the full commercial benefits of an effective supply chain. 

Agile, connected and resilient  planning

In the today's dynamic business landscape, SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) emerges as a powerful tool for businesses seeking a competitive edge. By harmonizing financial and operational data, SAP IBP empowers businesses to respond quickly to changing demand, foster informed decision-making and improve customer service. 

The solution optimises supply chain efficiency by seamlessly integrating critical planning components, including sales and operations planning, forecasting, response and supply, demand-driven replenishment, and inventory planning. This unified approach provides businesses with total visibility into their supply chain operations in real time. Organisations can leverage these insights to predict market demand, maximise product profitability and elevate their overall planning strategy.

Sustainable supply chain management

By leveraging SAP's suite of supply chain solutions, organisations can enhance their sustainability efforts by improving visibility, making data-driven decisions, and implementing strategies that align with environmental and social responsibility goals.