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The digital future of supply chain is here - now

A resilient, agile and connected supply chain provides the stability, flexibility, and efficiency necessary for businesses to navigate challenges and capitalise on opportunities in today's complex and competitive global marketplace. It is a fundamental component of a successful and sustainable business strategy.

At Delaware, we offer a range of SAP solutions and tools that will help your business build a future-proof, sustainable supply chain. We'll leverage the power of SAP S/4HANA to implement a collaborative ecosystem that gives you total visibility of your products, people and processes from design through to delivery - supporting growth, efficiency and productivity for your business. 

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Elevate your supply chain with Delaware & SAP S/4HANA

Discover the digital solutions that will elevate your supply chain organisation and increase maturity to achieve:

  • Greater visibility across your departments, suppliers and entire supply chain ecosystem
  • Real-time updates to address any changes
  • Better planning to optimise your operations 
  • Tools to realise improved decision-making 
  • Increased revenue and cost efficiency
  • Improved customer experience 

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

SAP IBP is a cloud-based solution with supply chain analytics, "what-if simulations and alerts". Combines sales and operations planning, forecasting and demand, response & supply, demand-driven replenishment and inventory planning to give you:

  • Real-time view of what’s happening in the supply chain
  • Lower safety stocks and working capital 
  • Increased planner capacity & improved decision making 

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

SAP EWM  digitises warehouse processes to increase visibility in real time. Provides on-demand resource management and operational reporting, giving management an overview of workload progress and availability of resources, leading to:

  • Increased efficiency, stock accuracy and throughput
  • Lowered operating costs and improved working capital
  • Increased productivity, sales and revenue 

SAP Transportation Management (TM)

SAP TM is an end-to-end multi-modal, multi-level solution that helps organisations, shippers, carriers, and forwarding agents to better track, plan and optimise your transportation processes, leading to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Greater visibility into the status of all shipments end-to-end of a company
  • Reduced cost of ownership 

SAP Advanced Available-To-Promise (aATP)

SAP aATP is an intelligent order promising system that gives customers more accurate lead times and delivery information, and allows them to change orders as their own demand fluctuates. It enables:

  • Better understanding of order timing
  • Reduced complexity of day-to-day supply and sales planner operations 
  • Total visibility of supply chain challenges caused by external factors, allowing you to devise real solutions and manage consumer expectations.
High performing supply chains are significantly more likely (19% on average) to have capabilities in place to achieve their sustainability goals.
Gartner, 2022 Future of Supply Chain Survey

Reduce waste, lower emissions, eliminate inequality

Embedding sustainability into supply chain management is vital, for the planet, society and businesses themselves. Sustainable supply chains help to build brand brand loyalty and reputation, minimise risk and vulnerability against unethical suppliers and increase cost efficiency. We offer fully interdependent SCM solutions that enable businesses to stay resilient, dynamic, ethical and sustainable across the entire supply chain life-cycle:

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  • Transportation optimisation: Reduce unnecessary costs and emissions with tools that ensure efficient transportation and planning.
  • Inventory optimisation: Maintain optimal stock levels and reduce waste with access to real-time data on your inventory.
  • Production efficiency: Minimise production delays, reduce energy consumption, and optimise the use of raw materials with optimised digital workflows and advanced scheduling tools. 
  • Quality management: Prevent defects and recalls early on with quality management tools that allow you to monitor and maintain product quality throughout the supply chain.
  • ESG reporting: Track and monitor environmental performance, set targets (e.g. emissions reduction) and report progress easily and transparently. 
  • Sustainable sourcing and procurement: Assess the sustainability performance of your suppliers based on their environmental practices, ethical sourcing, and social responsibility.
  • Demand forecast & planning: Advanced analytics and historical data enable you to forecast demand and plan production more accurately - reducing the risk of overproduction 

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