SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management

Streamline, simplify and optimise your warehouse operations

In today’s volatile, unpredictable marketplace, where customer expectations are increasing and global supply chains are becoming more complex and fragile, manufacturers are placed under severe pressure to increase the performance and productivity of their warehouse operations. 

The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) solution enables organisations to manage high-volume warehouse operations and integrate complex supply chain logistics with warehouse and distribution processes.

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Boost readiness, throughput and agility

SAP EWM empowers efficient management and optimisation of intricate warehouse and logistics activities. It streamlines everyday warehouse tasks, enhancing operational control and productivity. Using SAP EWM functionalities , you can maximise warehouse utilisation, uncover process gaps and enhance efficiency. The framework extends beyond basic warehouse management, encompassing task prioritisation, resource allocation, transport management, stock optimisation, and machinery integration for complex operations.  

Automated and efficient warehouses are 76% more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99% or higher, 36% more likely to have reduced labor costs an average of 3% per year, and 40% more likely to consistently ship within one day of an order’s placement.
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Automated warehouse of the future

Advanced automation functionalities enhance warehouse efficiency, accuracy and responsiveness by reducing manual intervention, optimising resource utilisation and enabling the seamless coordination of complex operations. Boost productivity and throughput by automating routine warehouse processes such as goods receipt, put-away, picking, packing, and shipping - and monitor the status of operations and resources in real-time to identify risks and mitigate disruptions.

Assess your EWM warehouse

Is your organisation experiencing significant technical SAP EWM challenges which are hindering your ability to efficiently operate processes, scale, and meet customer demand?

Our assessment provides a detailed analysis of your current warehouse system, people and processes to establish if you are leveraging the benefits of your EWM warehouse and the extended digital supply chain.

Why Delaware?

  • We have delivered over 100 EWM projects globally;
  • We are not just technical experts in the solution; we thoroughly understand how to apply it within the context of your industry’s best practices;
  • We have a global deployment model, with EWM consultants in many locations;
  • We have deep expertise in industries such as A&D, discrete manufacturing, food production, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals.