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2023 marks the 20th
anniversary of  Delaware


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The power of doing the right thing 

We firmly believe in the power of doing the right thing for our clients and the wider community. Our commitment to taking a long-term view, combined with our global reach and capabilities, has enabled us to serve our clients' needs and drive growth for delaware over the last two decades.

Ian GreenhalghFounder and Managing Partner of  delaware UK & Ireland and also Member of the Management Committee of delaware International, and Wynn Baum, Managing Partner and Founder of delaware in North America and also Vice Chairman of the Board for delaware, discuss their partnership with delaware and its founding principles. 

"We need to be a global company grounded in our local cultures, but fundamentally the currency that we trade is expertise, knowledge, and capability." Ian Greenhalgh – delaware UK & Ireland

To reach 150 years, you aim to change the world every once in a while 

Delaware has consistently emphasized the importance of "doing things right" and "doing the right thing".

That’s exactly how we manage to change the world every once in a while.  In 2009, we played a major role in the development of Johnson & Johnson's Patient Outcome Measuring Tool, which significantly revolutionized healthcare data. 

Despite initial concerns regarding data protection, this tool proved to be a game-changer and brought crucial advancements to the industry. 

Similarly, today Delaware is partnering with Uze, a Belgian startup, to realise their ambitious vision in providing electric vehicle charging services in cities, as convenient as ordering a pizza. 

Dr. Tomas Sorgeloose, Project Sponsor and Subject Matter Expert for value-based healthcare of the J&J project, and Kris Verdonck, CEO of Uze, share their experiences regarding these impactful developments. 

To reach 150 years, you need to show resilience and perseverance

Iour year-to-year journey from 2003 to 2023, the year 2008 proved to be remarkable, characterized by strong traits of determination, tenacity, and resilience. 

In the early 2000s, the tourism industry faced an imperative need to swiftly adapt to digitalization. As a testament to their unwavering perseverance, Neckermann earned the prestigious distinction of being recognized as the best travel e-commerce site in 2008, as affirmed by Gert De Caluwe, the Executive Chairman of Neckermann 

Similarly, Mitsubishi Electric China embarked on its own transformative path towards digitization in order to meet the evolving expectations of its customers. Haoran Wang, the Planning Division Director of Mitsubishi Electric China, attests that resilience played a pivotal role in achieving their triumph 


"We believe that human society can become more rational, tolerant and creative." – Haoran Wang  


Success factors for supplier relationships

David Eslick, Director of Business Technology at Gulfstream Aerospace, has been working with Delaware since 2006. Listen to David talk about the value of long-term business partnerships with Tom Breure, Financial Director at Leerdam Crisal Glass, (LC Glass) who has been working with us since 2022.   

"Never being sold creates a sense of long-term success." - David Eslick 


Reflections on strategic challenges

Luc Van Aelbroeck, Managing Director of Delaware in 2005 and  Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director of Delaware International in 2023, discuss how strategic challenges have evolved over time and what the key strengths of Delaware are for the future.  


"Saying yes is challenging, but we just did it, all together." 
Luc Van Aelbroeck 

2004The secret behind the long-term career path

Jan De Bock joined Delaware in 2004 and his career path evolved from Junior to Partner and Managing Director of Delaware BeLux. Today he talks withJosh Westwella new Junior Analyst at Delaware, to discuss the secret behind the long-term career path of Delaware employees. 


"The juniors of today are the leadership of tomorrow." Jan De Bock

delaware in 2003

The founding of a company, to 'never being sold'

Peter Oyserman, Founding Partner of Delaware and Ataa Erroussafi, general manager of Delaware Morocco had a captivating talk about our company's long-term vision, local culture, and delaware's 'never being sold' vision. 

"The whole idea of seeding, feels more like doing the right thing than obtaining only business results." Peter Oyserman