Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Embrace the digital future of the food and beverage industry 

The food and beverage industry encounters a diverse array of challenges attributed to its intricate nature, expansive supply chain, and the constantly evolving preferences of consumers regarding quality, safety, and ecological impact. Rising inflation, the global climate crisis and the increasing demand for product transparency and traceability means that companies are turning to technology to increase supply chain agility, inform their supplier choices and improve sales and improve service effectiveness.

Delaware are committed to supporting businesses in the food and beverage industry as they embrace the digital future. Our digital solutions leverage the power of SAP S/4HANA to streamline production, enhance productivity and drive sustainable, long-term growth. 

A new era for supply chain organisations

To stay competitive, food and beverage manufacturers must be able to adapt quickly and effectively to changing market trends and identify bottlenecks and product inefficiencies before they have an impact. At the same time they must maintain high quality standards whilst reducing costs and minimising their environmental impact. 

The key to success: Optimising supply chain processes to increase agility, efficiency and productivity - which in turn will guarantee consistent product quality and a reduced carbon footprint.

Super-charge production

From quality to resourcing, super-charge and streamline your manufacturing operations with SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. Equip your business with the tools to:

  • Get insights faster with advanced algorithms and machine learning.
  • Optimise resourcing by seamlessly aligning labour to production requirements.
  • Boost efficiency with intelligent planning and scheduling capabilities.
  • Maximise quality with automated and intelligent digital quality operations. 
  • Track and enhance performance with access to critical information in real-time.
  • Ensure total compliance with global and standardised QA guidelines.
  • Gain total visibility by integrating various systems and data sources to enable a seamless flow of information.
64% of shoppers admitted they would switch brands if they were provided with in-depth information beyond what's on the label.
The Food Institute

Address the growing demand for product traceability

In recent years, consumer demand for product traceability has surged, with authenticity, sustainability, and provenance becoming essential factors in product and supplier selection. To preserve customer loyalty and brand reputation, it's imperative to have the necessary tools in place to meet this demand. 

SAP Business Network Material Traceability enables you to establish a dependable chain of product genealogy throughout your multi-tier supply chain. This ensures transparent tracking of product origins and characteristics, including batch and serialized items. 

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