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Engineering & Construction

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Digital transformation for engineering & construction businesses

The engineering and construction industry deals with the unique challenges that come with selling a complex project that involves diverse equipment and services that can be invoiced in a myriad of ways.

Big players, big numbers and booming business: the engineering and construction industry has experienced a decade-long growth period. With so many agile new companies active in the sector and new project-related trends to tackle, engineering and construction firms have to streamline business management, automate back-office processes and integrate multiple systems to keep up.

By implementing a comprehensive IT tool that serves key sector needs, project-driven companies of all sizes can win big in precision, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. A central place where employees can plan and manage projects doesn’t just optimise efficiency, though. It also gives a company the power to gain insights from business data to drive sales, decision-making and continuous improvement. 

Complexities of project industry business activities

  • Incompatibility of engineering bills of material and assembly bills of materials
  • Manifold, complex machines are difficult to assemble and schedule to adhere to tight delivery dates
  • Complex and changing production cycles driven by a variety of different strategies
  • Financial and invoice management
  • Intricate logistics flows

These specific challenges require innovative new solutions to digitisation implemented by people who know the business. 

Taking project efficiency to a new level with Microsoft and SAP

Built on the foundation of our 20+ years of expertise in the engineering and construction sector, we have developed SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX modules that target your needs, challenges and pain points to bring tangible advantages to your business. Just a few of the benefits: 

  • Adapt on-the-fly to dynamic customer specifications
  • Efficient change management and version control
  • Accurate cost simulation to drive decision-making
  • Intuitively convert your engineering bills of materials into assembly bills of material
  • Strategy-driven master production schedules linked with your ERP and material requirements planning (MRP) to pinpoint project delivery dates
  • Precision scheduling of machines based on accurate demand data
  • Optimised AGV management, shop floor administration and warehouse automation
  • Intuitive and automated management of subcontracts

We’ve developed solutions tailored specifically for engineering and construction businesses’ digitisation needs.

Best in the business

At Delaware, we’re not just experts in digital transformation; we can translate the potential of digital solutions into sustainable growth for your company.  

Take advantage of the newest innovations

We can even help you identify and implement emerging technologies deeply relevant to engineering and construction, such as:

  • Predictive maintenance: get the most out of your machines through the use of IoT sensors and analytics to identify trends, avoid downtime and maximise efficiency
  • Augmented reality: train more efficiently, streamline machine builds and enable rich distance collaboration
  • Artificial intelligence: support people and equipment with self-learning machines and automated processes

Why choose Delaware

  • We offer strong, motivated development teams fluent in both SAP and Microsoft open standards within the specific domain of engineering and construction
  • From analysis and strategic advice to systems design, building, configuration and testing – our offering meets your needs
  • We have 20+ years of experience in the management of large-scale IT projects
  • Our project methodology is robust and based on world-class standards