Modernising media, to work for you

From subscriptions to AI, the needs, drivers and challenges of the media sector differ from other industries and as such, need tailored digital solutions. At Delaware, we want to help your business get ahead of the competition and thrive. 

Media maximised

What does thriving in media look like? We will help you:

  • Generate sustainable revenues - by transforming your sales and creative bid delivery processes
  • Deliver cost savings - through optimising production and content creation 
  • Improve reporting – by reducing data reconciling and having one set of production and finance data
  • Streamline task management - with rapid onboarding and resource collaboration 
  • Improve profitability - modernise back office support services and connectivity with delivery teams
  • Royalty management – control the full end-to-end royalty requirements of your production
  • Achieve operational excellence - accelerating worker productivity

Delaware do things differently

Getting your people on board

To collaborate effectively with you, we’ll need a clear window into your business. So we gather internal project management teams, bringing together reporting leads and subject matter experts (SMEs).

We nurture “influencer” groups, drawn from your line managers and senior managers and constantly keep in touch with them.

Maximising the opportunities for testing

We test and expand your familiarity with the product throughout the process. Increasing adoption at the “go live” phase enables us to provide you with every possible opportunity to test your new products and additions to your existing solutions.

Eliminating disruption to business

Businesses need to be connected at all times. 

We identify potential disruption flashpoints and provide strategies to overcome them. 

Whoever the user is, however they use the tools – we create a seamless environment to ensure they can continue doing their day job once the new solution is live. 

When it's time to go live, we like things to go smoothly. Which is why we support your teams through the entire process. 

Find out how the latest technology from Microsoft can help you successfully complete your digital transformation.