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World oil markets are rebalancing after the pandemic and an unprecedented collapse in demand in 2020 - they may never return to "normal." Raw materials and energy are becoming scarcer, driving prices up - and the call for greater sustainability has never been louder. These factors, combined with supply chain challenges and other economic restrictions, mean businesses must adopt a more agile approach towards logistics and operations. Technology will play a fundamental role in making this possible, by enabling organisations to gain the information and support needed to succeed.

Maintain, manage and optimise asset performance

Market volatility combined with growing regulatory and environmental expectations means the energy industry is being urged to adopt a more stable and efficient operational approach. Central to achieving these goals is the optimisation of supporting assets. It's essential that assets not only perform at their best but are also sustainable, reliable and safe. 

Aligning the right technology solution to support your asset management strategy is key. We'll help you empower your workforce with the tools to:

  • Measure and improve asset performance in real time;
  • Optimise maintenance strategies;
  • Deliver on your sustainability goals. 
Data is a key enabler, not only to understand and report on your sustainability achievements, but also to create business value.
Sven Arnauts, data and AI expert, Delaware

Tap into data to make sustainability a reality 

Two key obstacles on the journey to sustainability: data and reporting. Data governance challenges such as poor data quality, departmental silos and a lack of consistent definition of common data sourcing or sustainability metrics hinder effective comparison and prevent transparent reporting.

To make environmentally sound decisions, a strong data foundation and sound data governance practices are just as important for ESG as they are for transactional data. 

Using our green data lake approach, we'll help you identify the gaps in your data and map a path to transform your existing data infrastructure into a modern data platform.

Numbers and a context are essential to understand what’s going on. So, data is crucial to track sustainability performance, report consistently, and avoid greenwashing.
Ann Peeters, project leader studies center, Agoria

Navigating the energy workforce landscape

Energy companies face a constant challenge: recruiting, retraining, and retaining the right people in a highly competitive market. To develop the skills you need to outperform your competition and secure the right resources, you need to deliver an exceptional employee experience. 

We'll help you leverage technology to deliver a sustainable working culture, shifting the focus from traditional HR processes towards an intelligent, employee-centric approach that will empower your people and lead to accelerated growth.

Why Delaware?

At Delaware, we are committed to helping you achieve complete and integrated transformations. We will support your business through every aspect of your transformation journey, whether that’s a straightforward ERP upgrade or a full transformational programme of work. Here's how:

  • We utilise market-leading software to analyse your current processes: allowing us to see where we can optimise your operations and save on costs.
  • We deploy a collaborative, business first approach to transformation, ensuring you have a clear plan of action for every step of your transformation, that risks are identified and controlled - and that your business is engaged, upskilled and ready to utilise the new solution.
  • We focus on holistic, long-term learning that spreads out knowledge build, reduces knowledge attrition and delivers lasting capability. 
  • We will help you to embed your new solution, by delivering continuous monitoring and a continued drive to operational excellence.