Enterprise Asset Management for Energy

Enterprise Asset Management for Energy

Manage, maintain and optimise asset performance

Effective Asset Management stands as a cornerstone in the strategic framework of every energy company. Its essence lies in the seamless orchestration of asset performance throughout their lifecycle, ensuring the achievement of business objectives with profitability and minimal disruptions. Organisations are tasked with implementing forward-thinking strategies that leverage data, technology, and preventive maintenance to reduce downtime, mitigate operational risks and foster sustainable growth. 

Risks and challenges across energy operations

  • EAM data, reliability data, and operational data are often siloed.
  • Complex asset portfolios can be overwhelming and difficult to properly manage and prioritise without a well thought out and fully adopted strategy and standards.
  • Strict safety and environmental regulations can lead to serious consequences on many levels if not complied with adequately.
  • Maintenance and downtime costs are substantial, which requires the effective planning, scheduling, and execution of work to minimise disruption and costs.
  • The assets are often in remote locations and challenging environments which makes it more difficult to perform routine inspections and maintenance.

Leveraging SAP EAM for complex and valuable assets

Given the critical, intricate and high-value nature of assets underpinning operations and production, SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) emerges as an indispensable tool. 

Its role extends beyond mere management to encompass the maintenance and optimisation of asset performance. In addition, it contributes to the proactive identification, assessment, and management of risks associated with assets. This approach ensures not only the optimal performance of assets, but also minimises potential hazards and disruptions, aligning with broader objectives related to societal and environmental impact. 

The fully integrated solution provides data-driven insights, asset performance trends and vital information to support your workforce in making informed decisions around improvements and investments.

  • Deliver optimised asset strategies that improve reliability, sustainability and overall asset performance.
  • Leverage predictive maintenance and detailed planning and scheduling to reduce overall downtime and costs.
  • Increase safety of workers and reduce risk to the environment and communities.
  • Real-time data insights and comprehensive visbility empower improved decision-making and better asset allocation.

Drive safe and sustainable operations

SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management offers a centralised hub for the collection, management and analysis of data pertaining to environmental performance, incident management and health and safety management. 

Leverage detailed reports based on real-time data to proactively mitigate risks, enhance sustainability performance and ensure total compliance with legislation. 

At Delaware
we are committed to supporting the energy industry in its transition to meeting global climate targets and achieving optimal asset performance.

Delaware: a holistic approach to transformation

At Delaware, we are committed to supporting the energy industry in its transition to meeting global climate targets and achieving optimal asset performance. Aligning the right technology solution to support your asset management strategy is key to a successful outcome, whether that involves a transformational approach or a transitional strategy that drives more from your existing technology landscape.  

Our experience working with large energy businesses means that we have an in-depth understanding of the common process challenges that prevent assets from yielding their full potential. Our energy experts will help you leverage the full capabilities of SAP's Enterprise Asset Management solution and empower your business to keep the world's energy flowing, securely.

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