SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Technology Platform

A fertile layer for future-proof innovation

A strong house requires a strong foundation. To thrive in a rapidly changing world, enterprises need a modern platform that’s both flexible and future-proof. SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is the soil on which your Intelligent Enterprise can grow and flourish. How? Through industry-leading development tools, analytics capabilities, integration tools, and much more. As SAP Platinum Partner, Delaware is in a perfect position to help you get the most out of SAP’s flagship product.

SAP Business Technology Platform is the solution to our current cloud predicament. In the fast-changing world of enterprise software, this platform and the idea behind it are here to stay.
Jonathan Belliot, SAP expert at Delaware

Yearly SAP upgrades, from hell to heaven: the TCR case

SAP upgrades do not always go off without a hitch. However, by implementing the latest best practices of SAP's 'Keep the Core Clean' strategy, TCR, a world leader in ground support equipment, has been able to turn their upgrades into risk-free events.

Whether you're a business leader, IT professional or consultant, this session from the Delaware Conference will provide you with valuable lessons learned that significantly reduce the risks associated with upgrades, help you optimise your SAP landscape and ensure it remains relevant and competitive in the future. 

Future-oriented functionalities

Launch your business into a brighter future with SAP BTP’s 4 core solutions and functionalities.

Database & data management

Businesses generate a lot of data, increasing the importance of meticulous data management. Count on SAP HANA Database for data storage, SAP Datasphere for data warehousing and operational storage in SAP HANA Cloud. 


Discover and interpret meaningful insights and hook business-critical KPIs on SAP BTP’s analytics tools. Or take advantage of SAP BTP’s various business intelligence and enterprise planning solutions.

Application development & automation

Build apps fast with SAP Build’s pro-code (allowing full custom development with a maximum of flexibility), low-code and no-code capabilities. Make your business cloud-ready and seize every transformation opportunity. 

Intelligent technologies

IoT, edge services, iRPA, AI… with SAP BTP, you can integrate them all seamlessly with your SAP products. All without having to build anything from scratch.

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More BTP benefits to love

Next to security by design with a well-designed cloud ecosystem to eliminate most security risks, multi-cloud openness and allowing a fast go-to-market with easy-to-develop custom extensions, BTP also supports MACH architecture.

MACH stands for Microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless. It is a set of technology principles behind the new, best-of-breed technology platforms and gives the freedom to pick and choose from the best tools on the market.

By honoring the keep-the-core-clean principles and building your system in a modular fashion, upgrades happen quicker and more frequent, with minimal impact on business processes. It’s our mission to guide you through this journey.
Jonathan Belliot, SAP expert at Delaware
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Carving a course to the cloud

Where does SAP BTP fit in SAP’s line of highly advanced solutions for modern businesses? For starters, it is the successor to SAP Cloud Platform as the next major step in bringing cloud ERP within everyone’s reach – whether you’re currently running SAP S/4HANA or on SAP ECC.

According to SAP "the cloud is the heart and brain of digital transformation". However, when ERPs run in SAP's SaaS public cloud, there is no possibility to code in the core. That's why SAP offers a future-proof framework for third-party integrations, intelligent technologies and custom development.

A PaaS made to accelerate

Because SAP BTP is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), data and applications are managed by you, the user. You are the architect that picks and chooses the features and capabilities that match your unique business perspectives and objectives.

  • Maximise the value of your data and streamline workflows and processes.
  • Build applications faster than ever with pre-built content and pro-code, low-code and no-code tools like SAP Build.
  • Boost your agility through extended planning and analysis.
  • Seamlessly connect SAP products and third-party applications with SAP Integration Suite.

Imagine you want to build a web application that can be integrated with SAP S/4HANA. Thanks to platforms like SAP BTP, you can bring together every facet of an end-to-end solution within one and the same PaaS. The platform takes care of everything; offering development tools, databases, integration APIs, network, user management, operating system, storage, etc.

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SAP x Delaware: a match made in the cloud

SAP BTP is the pillar behind everything SAP does, today and in the future. Its foundations were laid already in 2012, when SAP introduced its SAP HANA in-memory database. Then came SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP), which added intelligent tech, and SAP Cloud Platform (SAP SCP), which focused on integrations. In 2021, SAP BTP introduced app development and line-of-business solutions. 

Since 2012, Delaware has been in the front-row seat, witnessing SAP’s vision take shape, supporting the wide-spread adoption of SAP BTP, and building expertise. We’re part of the SAP BTP Advisory Board, think alongside top partners in strategic discussions, and much more. In short, we’re involved at every level of BTP, ensuring our experts are always up to speed with the latest trends and releases. Oh and we're the 11th SAP Platinum Partner globally.

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