Supply Chain Optimisation

Supply Chain Optimisation

It's time to level-up: embrace the supply chain of tomorrow

CSCOs are under increasing pressure to eliminate vulnerability across their supply chain operations. Implementing the supply chain of tomorrow means identifying areas of risk across your operations that could lead to disruption and combating these by embedding resilience and agility into your processes.

At Delaware, our experienced consultants have specialised knowledge of complex digital supply chain scenarios across a range of industries and are therefore fully equipped to help your business level-up to the supply chain of tomorrow.

We can help prepare your organisation for unexpected circumstances from both internal and external factors by minimsing risk, increasing agility and enhancing the customer-centricity of your supply chain, whilst embedding sustainability into your everyday processes.

64% of supply chain leaders consider increasing supply chain agility and resilience the most critical action for supply chain transformation. 
Gartner, Supply Chain Digital Transformation 2022

Total Visibility

Gaining total visibility across your supply chain lifecycle is fundamental to achieving optimal operational performance. 

  • A robust ERP system connects processes from design through to delivery, ensuring you have up-to-date information on performance, status and requirements.
  • Real-time data enables agility, meaning you can act faster and make better-informed decisions.

Customer-centric operations

  • Prioritise product allocations for customers,  means you can ensure they receive inventory more quickly. 
  • Giving the customer total control over their services will improve their experience, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Sustainable logistics

  • Lower emissions by determining the most environmentally effective routes for transportation with real-time information on locations, vehicle availability and transport constraints.
  • Reduce waste with interconnected and interrelated systems and processes, allowing for access to key data around the supply, production and management of products, reducing the amount of waste created.
Enabled customers are 2x as likely to repurchase
Yet, only 23% of supply chains are focused on customer enablement.
2022 Gartner Future of Supply Chain Survey


In partnership with SAP we're offering customer-centric, collaborative, integrated digital solutions for supply chain that will empower your business to deliver operational excellence across the product lifecycle.

We've aligned 6 digital solutions to our offering for supply chain management, designed to help your business embed agility, connectivity and sustainability into your operations. 


Create clarity in the breadth of possibilities posed by Microsoft Dynamics 365, with our extensive technological knowledge and experience as a Gold-certified Microsoft partner. Together, we can guide your supply chain to operational excellence.

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