Microsoft Connected Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Connected Sales & Marketing

Enhanced end-to-end customer experiences across the entire lifecycle

The key to your success lies in your ability to both attract new clients and ensure the satisfaction of your existing customer base. However, comprehending today's digitally-driven buyers presents new challenges. Modern consumers are increasingly engaging across various channels and rely on self-discovery and peer input rather than traditional sales interactions.

This shifting landscape demands that marketing and sales teams possess a deep understanding of their customer base, their journey, and how to engage with them effectively - which is where Microsoft Viva for Sales comes in.

Microsoft Viva Sales

Microsoft Viva Sales is a seller experience app that automatically captures, accesses, and registers data into any CRM system, eliminating manual data entry and giving sellers more time to focus on what matters: selling. 

By enriching the data with customer engagement insights from Microsoft 365 and the power of AI, Viva Sales empowers you to connect with your customers, resulting in more personalised engagement and faster deal closure.

Connected Sales & Marketing

Your complete marketing solution

Business applications play a pivotal role in the realm of digital transformation by enabling you to forge a highly interconnected business by uniting data, processes, and teams. Microsoft Dynamics for Sales and Marketing allows you to:

  • Build connected campaigns in real time 
  • Predict customer intent, propensities, and next best everything 
  • Boost advertising performance 
  • Unlock your data to engage with purpose and drive profitability 
  • Drive marketing efficacy 
  • Deliver end-to-end experiences across the entire customer lifecycle 
  • Leverage intelligent e-commerce 

Predict customer needs and create personalised journeys

By leveraging pre-built machine learning templates to identify customer trends and predict lifetime value, you can also receive recommendations for the most favorable actions to take. 

These insights serve as a foundation to integrate transactional, demographic, and behavioral data, allowing you to obtain a comprehensive view of your customers. 

This holistic understanding enables the collection of customer interactions from various channels, paving the way for highly personalised engagement activities.

Supercharge your sales

See how equipping your sales team with tools that are optimised for the modern buyer’s journey unlocks valuable insights, connects your marketing and sales teams, and drives smarter sales decisions.  Speak to our Delaware Microsoft experts to find out how Viva Sales can help you improve your sales team’s experience and close more deals faster.

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Microsoft Practice Lead

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