Skyrocket your sales with Microsoft Power Platform

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Delaware’s extensive expertise and knowhow helpings clients integrate, implement and adopt Microsoft Power Platform yielding ground-breaking results...

Strengthen relationships with customers, and your sales figures

Delaware’s extensive expertise and knowhow helpings clients integrate, implement and adopt Microsoft Power Platform yielding ground-breaking results.


Data-driven decision making with Dynamics 

Microsoft Dynamics, a tool within Microsoft’s Power Platform, it puts your Contacts and Accounts at the core, so you can mine your own data for real-time customer insights to inform and drive your sales strategies.

The ‘out of the box’ Microsoft Dynamics Sales product is user-friendly, guiding your people step by step through its various processes.

You may prefer a customised version of the tool which more closely reflects your specific sales process, ensuring a beautifully consistent approach to gathering sales insights.


Reaching potential customers is easier than ever  

Your sales pipeline is probably already full of many successful marketing campaigns – the launchpad of myriad customer journeys. Leverage accurate, real-time data from these campaigns to significantly accelerate your route to warm leads.


Most consumers research which products they want through social media or by attending events.  

All these potential warm leads are captured in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing:

  • Every event attendee
  • Every phone call
  • Every email
  • Every support case 
  • Every visitor “click through” to your website
  • Every LinkedIn user who’s connected on your posts

One 'Timeline' shows all this intel recorded against a specific contact or lead.

A pool of warm leads is now waiting for you, along with a wealth of actionable, rich, real-time insights.


Free up your sales team to spend time on higher value tasks

Use your time in sales meetings for creating your next winning sales strategy, not endlessly compiling, creating and updating sales reports.

At the touch of a button, Dynamics provides highly visual reports in real time, freeing your sales teams up to work directly with potential customers and partners, or on higher value strategic tasks.


Dynamics’s real power lies in how every customer interaction (marketing emails, telephone calls, events attended) is captured and recorded in real time on the Power Platform.

By combining data from your Finance, Products and Support operations, Dynamics enables your sales team to quickly spot business trend. Your team can then use these insights to inform proactive sales and business decisions.  


The rainmaking power of predictive analytics

Predictive analytics will equip your business to drive sales.  

Discover which products are trending right now in your sector, which are flying off shelves and which need a push to help.

With better insights, you’ll build stronger interactions with customers, helping you forge stronger connections with them.


More focused and productive KPIs

With Microsoft Power BI, a click of a button provides data in clear visual form, making it easier for you to harness and analyse the accurate and real-time data you need to set and achieve KPIs.

For example, if one of your KPIs is improving customer journeys, use data analytics to examine the length of time between a customer attending an event and the moment when they sign a contract.

Analytics will help you identify where sticking points occur and then figure out how to increase traction and – hopefully - sales.


More time with customers than paperwork

Microsoft Power Platform is available on a mobile, tablet or laptop.

By engaging with customers on the same platform, you are ensuring all the data you need is in one place and reportable every step of the way.  


You don’t always have to go all in, it’s your choice whether to:

  1. move all your systems, applications, infrastructure, data platforms etc. to the Power Platform and Dynamics; or
  2. Just use parts of it
  3. Use out of the box apps; or
  4. Invest in customisation


Our experts will help you make the choices that will yield best results for your business, so you get optimum return on your investment: stronger relationships with your customers, hotter leads which turn into future customers and higher sales.

Tim Rowe

Microsoft Practice Lead
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