Strengthen your people and skills processes as part of your energy M&A

Apr 13, 2023
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As the race for carbon neutrality continues, heavy activity in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) remains a key theme for the energy industry...

By Beth John - SAP SuccessFactors SME

Set your priorities for your M&A 

As the race for carbon neutrality continues, heavy activity in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) remains a key theme for the energy industry. Last year saw the highest records yet for global M&A transactions, with 1,241 deals in 2022, worth US$193.8 billion (White & Case M&A Explorer). 

But as businesses green their operations and rebalance their portfolios, the impact on human capital is often underestimated. Performance, retention and culture are all key to achieving strategic growth, market power and a sustainable competitive advantage from M&A.

If you're planning a merger or acquisition for your energy business
you need to put your people at the heart of the process and the outcome, if you want to succeed.

People are at the core 

If you’re planning an M&A for your energy business, you need to put your people at the heart of the process, and the outcome, if you want it to succeed. Momentum, a smooth process and speed are all vital, so choose the right expertise and implement the best solutions

Delaware delivers the organisational management and modelling solutions to optimise your people and skills processes both during the transition process and beyond. With SAP SuccessFactors, we can help your business enhance up to date organisational charts, succession planning and HR analytics.

HR visualization from any source

The smoother and simpler the process, the stronger the launchpad you’re providing for your people. You’ll also avoid the risk that many energy businesses run during any significant transition of losing operational time, leaking profits or your talent heading for the door – right when you need them most. 

Delaware's proven approach is simple to follow

Our proven 3-step approach guides you through your three most critical phases of your transformation through applying simulation and planning methods.

1. Modelling: what will your new structure look like?

Using the right tools is key when modelling the what-if scenarios of a new organisational structure. Delaware can help you define the new people and skills structure you need, producing a detailed and accurate visualisation of the new structure.

2. Planning: what will happen and when?

Forward planning of how this structure will look in future after the acquisition is the next key step. We’ll agree with you a clear and effective roadmap of how we’ll get there, including:

  • What data do you need to move (and where you’re moving it from)
  • What data from the legacy systems can now be archived?
  • What is your GDPR position going forward?
  • How can you keep (or even enhance) your data quality and integrity?

3. Migration: how do we do it?

As soon as you are ready to go live with your changes, you can transfer your new org structure back into SAP SuccessFactors. 

Our solutions will enhance your existing organizational charts using the standard integrated features delivered through SAP SuccessFactors, forming a centralised hub of data. 

What to expect:

With our attention to detail, you can expect a robust and reliable implementation, with a smooth and seamless integration.

To ensure you reap fullest return from your investment, we will work with you and your team to ensure you get the greatest possible adoption, both immediately after go live and beyond.

Working with you as a team, we’re as invested in a successful outcome for your business.

Interested in workforce modelling and custom org chart creation? 

Tell us about your transition plans and discover how we can help you.