A shared mission to prepare Brewery Haacht for a sustainable future

Aug 20, 2018
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Brewery Haacht, one of the major breweries in Belgium, is building a long-term relationship with Delaware to renew and optimise its digital information system. Why? Because the brewery is convinced that a solid data & information structure is essential to take good care of its customers and end consumers, and to achieve its ambitious future growth objectives.

Brewery Haacht recently decided to not only sell its brands via the on-premise trade (bars, restaurants, etc.) but also through off-trade distribution channels (retail). As a result, the company’s product portfolio and supply chain activities will become more complex and difficult to manage. A new system to optimally run and streamline the organisational processes of planning, communication and control was needed to facilitate this transition.

Reduced complexity, standardised processes and engaged employees

Currently, the company handles its data via complex operational procedures. To further support market growth, Brewery Haacht is keen to standardise its processes and take its IT platforms and data structures to the next level. The aim is to get a tight grip on the data and fully align with the business processes to exploit all the advantages of Delaware’s FAST Food & Beverage SAP solution. This solution provides transparent and reliable data to optimize the decision-making process, better manage excise duties, empties and customer returns, and increase employee engagement by gaining more valuable insights into all operational and financial activities.

Ambition is the path to success

“Choosing Delaware means choosing ambition and professionalism. Delaware convinced us of their aspirations in digital transformation and SAP. I’m sure they will, as a partner in this project, challenge us to speed up and strengthen our position in the beer market by jumping on the latest technologies. Exciting times are ahead for us!”, says Frank Mellaerts, Chief Financial Officer at Brewery Haacht.

The implementation of the SAP S/4HANA solution runs until approximately Q2 2019 and will initially impact approximately 70 users: an exciting and ambitious project, both for Delaware and Brewery Haacht. Delaware is happy to be a partner and to help the organisation get ready for the generations to come!

“The heritage and indisputable position of Brewery Haacht demanded a strong and engaged partner. Delaware is committed for the long term and willing to support the company’s growth plans by sharing its expertise on how to digitise and optimise Brewery Haacht’s key processes. This way, we can supply the brewery’s customers and consumers with top-quality products and services for today and tomorrow.”, adds Geert Scheipers, Partner at Delaware.