Empower Professional Growth with the 'Whole Self' Model and SAP SuccessFactors

Nov 15, 2023
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Uncover the dynamic potential of SAP SuccessFactors with Delaware. Discover how the SuccessFactors workforce management platform can enable your organisation to effectively navigate the evolving nature of work, foster agility and build optimal teams. From personalised career growth in the Opportunity Marketplace, to revolutionising competency management, we're demonstrating how embracing the 'Whole Self' model with SuccessFactors can drive superior outcomes and empower professional growth for your workforce.

Addressing the 'Whole-self' 

The "Whole Self" Model empowers employees to take charge of their professional development, by enabling employers to gain a thorough understanding of their aspirations, skills and motivations. Employees seek more than just a paycheck; they desire growth, recognition, and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully as they evolve within an organisation. 

The SAP SuccessFactors unified talent solution enables organisations to adapt to the changing nature of work – where careers are more fluid, hybrid work is the new norm and where agility is critical to success. By enabling everyone to share more about who they are – their strengths, aspirations and preferences – you can match people with meaningful work and build optimal dynamic teams with ease. 

Employees seek more than just a paycheck; they desire growth, recognition, and the opportunity to contribute meaningfully as they evolve within an organisation. 

Putting theory into practice

Through the 'Whole Self' Model, you can grant your workforce the autonomy to steer their own professional growth. This modern approach to compensation and growth values individuals by addressing their unique needs and goals - ultimately driving superior company outcomes.  

We've categorised the model into 3 distinct areas:

A gateway to tailored career growth 

SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace seamlessly integrates the Whole Self Model by enabling employees to explore tailored career growth and learning opportunities, including assignments, mentoring programs, and future career goals. This innovative platform not only helps organisations assess the different skills within their workforce in order to align them with meaningful work, but also provides valuable insights into an individuals aspirations and motivations, facilitating informed staffing, reskilling, and reorganisation decisions. 

Transform competency management

Do you struggle to keep track of your employees' skills and competencies?  

It is a common challenge but one that can be solved with SAP’s newest update of SuccessFactors Skills Ontology. Skills Ontology empowers organisations to create a comprehensive skills matrix, identify expertise gaps, and align employees' skills with job roles, projects, and learning opportunities, streamlining precise workforce development and deployment. 

Driven by AI and machine learning, the solution facilitates the discovery of global skills and career options for employees while identifying transferable skills for alternative career paths, unlocking untapped potential. Additionally, it provides alerts for individual skill gaps, minimising disruptive team changes, and offers personalised learning and development opportunities for employees to track and enhance their skills and competencies.  

Learning Reimagined 

Do you have difficulty managing staff training, certifications and compliance regulations?  

The SuccessFactors Learning Management System streamlines and simplifies the training process with a user-friendly interface, content customisation, progress tracking, automated notifications, and mobile compatibility, offering a personalised and hassle-free learning experience. 

  • Streamlined Reporting: The system provides a comprehensive suite of training and compliance reports, reducing the reliance on manual Excel tracking and greatly enhancing workflow monitoring efficiency.
  • Personalised Learning: SAP's Learning Reimagined experience, driven by machine learning and AI, enables individualised learning journeys, breaks free from traditional constraints, and adapts to unique learning styles, fostering a more engaging and effective learning experience.
  • Empowered Career Development: This innovative approach empowers employees to craft customised learning paths while receiving guided support for their career development, offering increased flexibility and accessibility in personalised learning, ultimately benefiting both employees and organisations.

HR Leaders: it's time to take your people strategy to the next level.

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