SAP SuccessFactors: Key Innovations for 2023 and Beyond

Nov 14, 2023
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SAP reveals visionary roadmap for 2023 onwards, promising transformative updates for SAP SuccessFactors users. Prepare for exciting innovations to enhance workforce management and empower your people strategy...

By Caroline McDonald - SAP SuccessFactors Consultant

Create winning teams with SAP Dynamic Teams

SAP Dynamic Teams is a fresh feature built to assist your organisation in establishing and overseeing dynamic teams that are capable of adjusting to evolving business requirements. The solution will enable your workforce to collaborate and cooperate with each other on particular projects or tasks, no matter where they're located, or which department they belong to. 

Key business benefits include:

  • Enhanced organisational agility: the capacity to swiftly create and adapt teams enables your organisation to effectively address evolving business requirements, such as taking on new projects or adjusting priorities. 
  • A fully connected workforce: by providing your employees with a centralised platform for collaboration and information sharing, they can create and set common goals and objectives, which in turn boost productivity. 
  • Resource optimisation: by creating teams based on project requirements and skills, you can ensure that you have the right people working on the right projects at the right time. 
  • Talent development: SAP Dynamic Teams can assist in identify high-performing employees and provide them with opportunities to develop new skills and acquire diverse experience by working on different projects with different teams.

Embrace smarter working with SAP SuccessFactors Mobile

SAP's latest mobile demo showcases updated features in line with the newest SAP designs, providing a clear visualisation of available actions within the app. It offers a clear, user-friendly visualisation of the actions available in the app. What's even better is that this demo is accessible to everyone, whether or not you have a SuccessFactors account.

SAP SuccessFactors Mobile is here to help your business enhance the connection between HR and your employees. It aims to make them more engaged, productive, and smarter in their work. With a native, consumer-like experience, it ensures strict security compliance, easy management of mobile features and functions, and optimised mobile performance.

The App empowers users to complete tasks on the move, in real-time, making technology work for your employees, not the other way around. To access the New Mobile Demo, download the Success Factors App and click on Try a Demo. Watch this video and share it with your teams so they can try it out for themselves. 

Unlock global workforce excellence with Fieldglass & SuccessFactors integration

SAP Fieldglass is a leading provider of external workforce management and procurement services used by organisations worldwide. It enables businesses to simply find, communicate with, and manage all types of flexible resources. Implementing Fieldglass can revolutionise your organisation's workforce management.

This cloud-based platform, available in over 180 countries, empowers you to efficiently find, engage, and oversee various flexible resources, from contingent workers to freelancers and service providers. 

Integrating Fieldglass and SuccessFactors enables a wealth of benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced operational agility: Fieldglass enables you to streamline workforce management processes, boosting your operational agility. It simplifies resource allocation, reduces administrative overhead, and optimizes your workforce for better adaptability.
  • Cost reduction: by automating and centralising resource management, Fieldglass helps cut operational costs. You can efficiently allocate resources where needed and eliminate unnecessary expenditures.
  • Accelerated business outcomes: in the digital age, swift decision-making is paramount. Fieldglass equips you with data-driven insights and tools, allowing you to make informed decisions promptly. This accelerates your business outcomes and keeps you competitive in the digital economy.
  • Continuous innovation: Fieldglass, backed by SAP, guarantees ongoing investment in innovation. This means your organization reaps the advantages of the most recent developments in workforce management technology, enabling you to stay at the forefront in a continually changing landscape. 

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