Smart Customisation in Manufacturing E-book

Feb 26, 2021
  • discrete manufacturing

How manufacturers survive and flourish in rapidly changing markets

The manufacturing industry is faced with ever-increasing customer expectations in terms of customisation, speed and service. Meeting these demands requires a different approach than many manufacturers will be used to. 

In this whitepaper, we describe how to align your product development, processes and IT support before you automate, and discuss the benefits of standardisation and configuration. We also demonstrate how a modern ERP system with industry-specific standards supports this for manufacturers of all sizes.

Enable your manufacturing business to flourish in a rapidly changing market

Download the Smart Customisation Guide to learn:

  1. How manufacturing companies manage smart customisation and
    turn custom processes into an operational success
  2. The benefits of standardisation and configuration in meeting changing customer demands
  3. How our customer 'Royal Boon Edam' have enabled smart customisation with intelligent ERP.

Smart Customisation Guide