Do you want to lead after migrating SAP to the cloud? Unlock your full business potential.

Nov 29, 2018
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As an ERP SAP user, with rising costs, new business process requirements and increasing amounts of data, it can and often is a challenge to run your mission-critical business functions (finance, human resources, global trade, etc.) using on-premise SAP systems, while also aligning resources to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Organisations across the board are increasingly moving their business-critical systems to the cloud in an effort to gain a truly competitive advantage: better customer relationships, more empowered employees, streamlined operations, new business models and new products and services. With decades of experience, delaware has gained extensive expertise with SAP to ensure, no matter how complex, your SAP migration project goes to plan. Your business depends on its SAP landscape. A small delay in your SAP migration can cause significant disruption and losses to your business. Your migration will hugely benefit from your organisation working with a seasoned partner you can trust with the knowledge, experience and leadership to take it, from the planning stage through to post go-live.

Are you prepared for post-migration?

You must make sure your SAP migration plan has a section that covers post-go live tuning. This can be a daunting and nuanced task, it may be best to ensure you have expert hands to guide you in the form of a specialist managed services provider. With an expertly delivered SAP migration, you can future-proof today, and optimise for tomorrow.

Our migration roadmap combines automation and skilled resources to ensure the rapid and successful migration of your SAP workloads.  This will ensure you get the most from your cloud deployed SAP platform. To get the best result, you will need an effective migration roadmap that will help to deliver an end-to-end solution that supports your tangible business outcomes.

Once you are ready to start building your roadmap to effortlessly take your SAP systems to the cloud, get in touch with us and we will have your local delaware office reach out to you.

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