The sustainability revolution

The sustainability revolution

How to achieve eco-friendly operations

Operations are the backbone of any business, responsible for creating value, delivering quality, and ensuring efficiency. However, in today's world, businesses also face increasing pressure to be sustainable, meaning that they consider not only the economic, but the social and environmental impacts of their activities, too. 

Operations professionals have a crucial role to play in driving sustainability initiatives within businesses - they set the vision, strategy, and goals for sustainable operations, as well as align the resources, processes, and culture to achieve them. They can also influence and engage employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to support and take part in sustainability efforts. 

Sustainable operations can help companies gain a competitive edge, enhance their reputation, reduce costs and risks, improve customer satisfaction, and create positive impacts on society and the environment. 

This eBook explores how companies can achieve eco-friendly operations by addressing common challenges, adopting key sustainability considerations, and leveraging software tools and best practices.