Discover SAP Business Technology Platform from Delaware

Discover SAP Business Technology Platform from Delaware

The key to unlocking business innovation

SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a comprehensive Platform as a Service offering that enables businesses to streamline their processes and centralise information into a single source of truth.  

Joining systems and processes together into one unified environment, SAP BTP offers: 

  • An intuitive, modern development environment for both expert and citizen/business developers 
  • Prebuilt data models, integration, workflows, app templates, and AI business services 
  • Self-service data discovery, modelling, planning, and analytics 
  • A runtime environment for deploying, running, and monitoring solutions. 

eBook: the 5 pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform

Customised for each business, SAP BTP brings together application development, automation, integration, data and analytics, and AI capabilities. 

In our new eBook, The five pillars of SAP Business Technology Platform, we explore how these pillars work together to accelerate digital innovation and unlock business potential.  

Delaware enhances customer support globally with SAP BTP

At Delaware, we understand the true value and businesses benefits of SAP BTP, as we’ve been leveraging its capabilities to foster better collaboration with our customers since 2017.

Seven years post-implementation, we’re continuing to utilise the SAP BTP to make the most out of our tech investments, and continue to benefit from increased employee and customer satisfaction, reduced resolution time, and an estimated saving of € 30,000 annually in manual labour costs!