Delaware enhances customer support globally with SAP Business Technology Platform

Mar 19, 2024
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As a global consultancy that helps our clients reach their full potential, we not only implement industry-leading technologies, but we depend on them, too!

2016 was a transformative time for DelawareAs we were navigating rapid growth with further global expansion planned, it was important that our ERP landscape could grow with us.  

Utilising only the best-in-breed technologies, we implemented several solutions, including S/4HANA Public Cloud, to ensure we had top-of-the-range features and functionality at our fingertips. In fact, we were so impressed with S/4HANA Public Cloud’s offering that we couldn’t wait to tap into its possibilities and were one of the first companies to start using this on a global scale! 

After realising that our solutions portfolio could be even more powerful if everything was connected, we embarked on a mission to do just that, seeking a single source of truth in our data, reduced errors, and full operational efficiency across all entities. That’s why we introduced SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) into our network. 

There will always be a way to solve your business problem with SAP BTP. It’s just a matter of using the correct features.
Illya Kuys, Integration Solutions Lead, Delaware.

Transforming internal and external support services

After undergoing the full greenfield implementation approach, Delaware went live with SAP BTP in January 2017 in select locations before worldwide roll-out in May later the same year. 

Seeking to leverage SAP BTP to foster better collaboration with our customers, we utilised SAP BTP to connect our customers’ systems with our internal ITSM ticketing toolenabling us to streamline our customer support services for Application Managed Services, as well as for internal support. 

Speaking of this new integration framework, Illya Kuys, SAP Integration Solution Lead, commented “We tackled real-time integration via a couple of services, like the SAP Integration Suite, in combination with the SAP Event Mesh capability and the SAP Document Service. And by creating an integration framework with those three, we could also tackle the issue of both parties only working in their own tool, creating the real-time integration through the SAP BTP platform.”  

A platform that has stood the test of time

Seven years post-implementation, we’re continuing to utilise SAP BTP to make the most out of our tech investments, and continue to benefit from: 

  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction, thanks to both our internal consultants and external clients being able to operate from their own environments;

  • Reduced resolution time, thanks to no miscommunication in comments;

  • An estimated saving of €30,000 annually in manual labour costs, following an initial ROI of 300% in year one post-implementation 

SAP Business Technology Platform, explained

SAP BTP is a full Platform as a Service offering that brings together application development, automation, data and analytics, integration, and AI

Unique to each business, SAP BTP offers a unified environment that enables businesses to streamline their processes and centralise information into a single source of truth with: 

  • An intuitive, modern development environment for both expert and citizen/business developers;
  • Prebuilt data models, integration, workflows, app templates, and AI business services;
  • Self-service data discovery, modelling, planning, and analytics;
  • runtime environment for deploying, running, and monitoring solutions.

What’s more, SAP BTP helps businesses keep their core applications clean to ensure they can be upgraded, enhanced, and supported long-term.  

Want to know more?

Download our new guide, The 5 pillars of SAP Business Technology Platformfor a full overview of the solution.