SAP Datasphere

SAP Datasphere

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Unify your data landscape

In many organisations, fragmented data landscapes have led to widespread applications and systems, both in the cloud and on premises. It makes it needlessly hard to find, share and capitalise on mission-critical business data. SAP Datasphere, the latest version of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, resolves these issues. In just one platform, you can unify your data landscape and streamline data integration, distribution, semantic modeling, virtualisation, and much more 

This way, SAP Datasphere enables you to innovate faster and enhance your future-proof flexibility. Whether you need data to improve customer centricity in your sales approach, or you want to make reliable data-driven decisions on the shop floor: SAP Datasphere – and Delaware’s proactive guidance – can help.

SAP Datasphere: innovations you’ll love

SAP Datasphere unites two separate worlds: business intelligence (BI) and business users. BI engineers must make sure that the latter can smoothly access business data – from applications and ERPs to Excel sheets and shop-floor systems. With SAP Datasphere’s new features, this data warehouse becomes more intuitive and user-friendly than ever.

Self-service data access and modeling

  • The right data in the right context: empower business users to access authoritative data and meta data themselves, wherever they are – harmonised across all your SAP applications;
  • SAP Datasphere Analytic Model: automatically reuse semantic definitions and associations to facilitate business-modeling requirements;
  • SAP Datasphere Catalog: improve data discovery, management, and governance.

Data cataloging and governance

  • Clear combination of data and data sources: ensure that all organisational data products are properly defined and understood;
  • Flexibility: access your business data from anywhere, in one semantic model of your data landscape, and share them securely across your organisation;
  • Maximise your on-prem investments: the SAP Datasphere model makes it easier to innovate and spot revenue streams, even in the most complex hybrid infrastructures.

Incorporate machine data

  • SAP Datasphere Marketplace: customise your data integration processes and enrich projects with SAP and non-SAP (industry) data from SAP open-data partners such as Databricks;
  • Centralisation of heterogeneous data: from sensor/camera data to X-rays and machine-learning reports – SAP Datasphere creates the consistency and overview you need.

How Delaware can help

Here at Delaware, we gladly help you unlock and maximise the value of your data. We’ll use our in-depth SAP expertise and experience to simplify your data landscape and identify an efficient governance model. With our end-to-end service, we can guide you from start to finish – and beyond.

And even though Datasphere is the new SAP kid on the block, we have all the skills and resources to smoothly complete the integration process. Thanks to our very own Delaware accelerators and plug-ins, we can complete your consolidated data landscape by adding customised automations. No matter how complex your infrastructure is, you can count on us for some deft data disentanglement.

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