SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba

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Join the world's largest business network

The internet has reduced the world to a village, connecting consumers to businesses across every corner of the globe. So, how do you source or offer goods and services in the worldwide B2B marketplace? 

As the world’s largest business-to-business network, SAP Ariba connects you to over 4.2 million suppliers in 190 countries to find suppliers, negotiate deals, exchange documents and ensure smooth invoicing. 

Unlock smarter spend management

SAP Ariba offers a range of spend management solutions that empower businesses to enhance cost efficiency and discover potential savings.

By centralising direct and indirect spending and strategic sourcing in a cloud-based platform, it facilitates seamless integration with other SAP procurement solutions, providing a holistic perspective of overall spending. This heightened transparency equips enterprises with valuable insights to develop strategies for minimising financial and operational disruptions, fulfilling customer and workforce requirements, and mitigating risks and uncertainties in the market. 

The SAP Ariba Network connects buyers and suppliers from 2.5+ million businesses – 13 million users – from 190 countries. Each year, they exchange 250 million documents.

Sourcing & Contracts

Optimise cost, manage risk, and ensure the savings you negotiate are realised with SAP strategic sourcing solutions:

  • Aggregate and classify all company purchases 
  • Gain visibility to identify sources of savings
  • Standardise source-to-contract processes
  • Drive materials cost savings and optimisation
  • Increase speed and throughput across teams
  • Reduce risk by finding better suppliers


Recreate the buying experience by connecting spend categories and boosting supplier collaboration to move faster and spend better:

  • Tackle direct, indirect, and services spend
  • Improve the experience with guided buying
  • Achieve greater efficiency and cost control
  • Remove barriers between buyers and suppliers
  • Share data, get insights, and manage workflow
  • Adapt automatically to market requirements

Invoice & Payment Management

Automate your payables processes to help cut costs and risks and turn your invoices into strategic assets:

  • View all invoices across all channels
  • Digitalise invoice capture and approval
  • Strengthen control of payables and cash
  • Improve processing speed and accuracy 
  • Optimise working capital
  • Collaborate with suppliers on discounts

Supplier Management

Manage life-cycle, performance, and risk all in one place to get the right products from the right suppliers at the right time:

  • Drive spend to preferred suppliers
  • Integrate supplier management with procurement
  • Manage with a unified supplier record
  • Scale risk management across your supply base
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Reap the benefits of a streamlined procurement process

  • 60% lower operating costs
  • 50% to 75% faster transaction cycles
  • 60% improvement in order accuracy
  • Improve collaboration: Share information and processes in an efficient, safe way, anytime, anywhere.
  • Source strategically: Find the best-value suppliers, ensure compliance, speed up your sourcing cycles and create the most competitive agreements. 
  • Effectively manage suppliers: Control risk and manage your suppliers’ information, lifecycles and performance– all in one place.
  • Boost your brand: Sharpen your e-commerce capabilities to become your target market’s preferred, easiest-to-find vendor. 
  • Supply chain optimisation: Easily connect all the people, partners, processes and information you need.

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