Microsoft Power Platform CoE

Microsoft Power Platform CoE

Power Platform CoE unifies organisations

You may be familiar with the unlimited possibilities provided by the Microsoft Power Platform catalogue of low-code apps – but what framework do you have in place to guarantee compliancescale your solutions and support citizen developers  

Whether your business is venturing into the realm of low-code - or is familiar with low-code tools, CoE is key to ensuring business success via Power Platform. 

Center of Excellence: explained

Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoEuses a range of tools to establish a framework for full utlisation of Power Platform whilst ensuring compliance and maximum security. 

Power Platform CoE also unifies your organisational goals, minimising the instances of silos across geographical locations and departments - breaking down your business barriers to drive innovation and development.


CoE supports three vital elements of Microsoft Power Platform tools: administration, operations, and training/support.  

More autonomy over permissions, governance guidelines and app agility reduces IT workload whilst empowering your wider business through technology – all made visible via the comprehensive CoE dashboard so you can make the best informed decisions for your operations. 

With pre-built templates designed to boost your organisation's productivity, the CoE starter kit offers transformative tools to aid you on your journey in adopting Microsoft Power Platform.

The core starter kit components work to sync your resources and build admin apps for greater control and ease of visibility. 

Finally, building on this the guidance is focused towards increased user adoption and managing change in your organisation to grow and scale - meeting your daily needs and challenges.

Accelerate with add-ons

At Delaware, we provide a tailored kit, best suited to your organisation. Some of the extra offerings below help you move further towards increased adoption and enablement:

  • Admin Planner
  • Communication Site Template
  • Theming Components
  • Application Lifecycles Management 
  • Innovation Backlog
  • Tailored Training
  • Review and Report *recommended*


Tim Rowe

Microsoft Practice Lead

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