Microsoft Manufacturing with Delaware

Microsoft Manufacturing with Delaware

Increase your productivity, revenues and profitability with Microsoft

Anyone working in manufacturing or as part of a supply chain will agree that it can be challenging keeping track of materials/products. From dealing with multiple sources of data, such as inventory levels, quality standards, supplier relationships, and production schedules,  you have to make quick decisions to optimise your operations and meet customer demand. 

How can you simplify this complex process, and improve your efficiency? 

Microsoft have a range of solutions from their cloud for manufacturing to their cutting-edge AI offering. This technology can help you analyse your data faster and more accurately, using advanced techniques like machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. You’re also able to monitor your inventory, detect defects, manage your suppliers, and automate your production, forecast demand, reduce waste, and improve customer satisfaction.

Transform your manufacturing business and gain a competitive edge with Delaware and Microsoft. 

Useful resources

A guide for manufacturing professionals

Uncover how to find, measure, and analyse production variances, choose and apply the best costing method for your manufacturing process, and design effective reports that meet the needs of different stakeholders.   

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AI-driven demand planning and inventory optimisation

Explore how AI can be used to improve demand planning and inventory optimisation, how this creates greater traceability across the supply chain, and practical tips you can adopt to help you get started.  

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Build resilience, growth, and pursue innovation with a tailored ESG strategy

Explore the latest insights from Microsoft on the importance of sustainability, the key areas to help you build a sustainability strategy, and inspiring success stories.

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AI in manufacturing

Microsoft AI can help enhance performance for the manufacturing and supply chain industry in several ways. By integrating cutting-edge AI technology, manufacturing enterprises can increase efficiencies and stay resilient during supply chain and workforce disruptions. For example, AI can be used to improve demand planning and inventory optimisation, resulting in increased traceability and cost savings.

AI can also be used to drive process automation, uncovering new ways of working and improving performance. This can lead to invaluable, real-time feedback and insights, addressing production variances and performance issues.

In addition, AI can help manufacturers modernise the customer experience by delivering tailored experiences across marketing, sales, and service channels. This can help foster customer engagement and build closer relationships.

Overall, the integration of AI in the manufacturing and supply chain industry can help you elevate your workforce efficiency, foster customer engagement, create agile and secure factories, build robust supply chains, and drive innovation to deliver new value.

Find out how Microsoft actively support responsible AI through their technology here.

Agile factory of the future

The Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing will accelerate your agility by:

  • Boosting productivity and reducing costs with agile factories and smart manufacturing processes, improving production, quality and delivery. [Asset Management Add-in for Supply Chain Management (an advanced module for managing assets and maintenance jobs)].
  • Improving production efficiency and reducing downtime with AI-powered automation and manufacturing cloud solutions. [Autonomous system with Microsoft AI].
  • Enhancing your supply chain resilience, increasing end-to-end visibility, including inventory, and reducing disruption with simulations and model scenarios. [D365 Dynamics SCM].
  • Providing 360 degree visibility across systems, inventory and workflows, enabling operators to pre-emptively identify and resolve issues, enhancing overall efficiency. [Azure IoT].
  • Protecting your organisation from cyber (or other) attacks, which is vital in todays landscape. [Azure defender for IoT / Azure IoT Security].

Empowered workforce

  • Securely connect your frontline workers, office teams, and your customers whether they are in the office or working remotely, with real-time collaborative tools. [Microsoft Teams].
  • Enable your people to continuously develop their skillset with personalised, role-based learning options [Microsoft Viva learning].

Manufacturing webinar series: OnDemand

Technology is rapidly changing the world we live in, causing a ripple effect across every industry, directly impacting the way you work. So what does this disruption mean for your business? How can you adapt, and harness innovations such as automation, leveraging data to improve your processes? 

In this ground-breaking series, we were joined by keynote Sean Culey, Head of Value Chain at Manufacturing Technology Centre, as he demystified complex exponential technological change and provided tangible, expert advice. 

Customer engagement

  • Nurture true customer engagement and satisfaction through your marketing and sales teams and service agents.
  • Provide tools to better understand your customers and engage with them either remotely or digitally.
  • Empower your sales teams to identify and secure new revenue streams quickly and profitably. [Dynamics 365 Sales].
  • Help customer service teams exceed customers’ expectations by predicting, detecting, and resolving problems before customers even know there is one. [Dynamics 365 Field Service].

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