The Operations Workbench

The Operations Workbench

Getting operations right, first time

Organisations operate diverse IT landscapes to deliver planning and execution of complex activities. It is important to have an accurate overview of the entire operations data set, such as permits, barrier health, material procurement and  availability, requirements, tasks, and progress to ensure safe and efficient operations. 

Delaware's Operations Workbench solution provides a consistent user experience layer that connects all of your critical data points in one place, to make planning effective and execution simple.

Totally connected operations

The full suite of data to run operations effectively is siloed, typically with different reference keys and subject to errors from best endeavor attempts to keep footprint and content aligned across systems. 

To work accurately many lookup and system logins are required but this is massively inefficient, and it’s too easy for cross systems process to expose the organisation to risk. 

Built on SAP S/4HANA and SAP's Business Technology Platform, Delaware's operations workbench draws together data from disparate operational systems to present a consistent view of planned and in flight operational activities, unifying cross system processes by sourcing, mapping and then presenting relevant data centrally.

Optimal efficiency, minimal risk

  • Increase efficiency of planning and performance with a centralised operations workbench that gives you an integrated overview of all activities and requirements
  • Minimise risk with totally connected data -  track and highlight at-risk activities with centralised monitoring and control, meaning you can recognise the areas that require early intervention
  • Reduce wasted movements of people and operations by ensuring all elements required for executing your operations are in the right place, at the right time. 

Benefiting your entire business

  • Supervisors benefit from connected and timely data feeds to enable critical decision making. 
  • Operators and maintenance technicians benefit from a simple unified view of their tasks, availability of materials if required and safety related data. 
  • Planners benefit from connected data to define and assess planning gate criteria for activity delivery.

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