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Contentstack is a headless content management system (CMS) and the cornerstone of any composable digital experience platform (DXP). It revolutionizes how businesses create, manage, and deliver digital experiences across multiple channels. 

To thrive in today’s hyper-connected world, you need to deliver exceptional digital experiences, across all touchpoints. How? Leverage the power of a composable DXP and headless CMS. As a best-in-class solution in this category, Contentstack empowers you to seamlessly compose and deliver personalized digital experiences across websites, mobile apps, IoT devices, and more. 

Complement Contentstack with Delaware’s expertise and industry experience to build a holistic, future-proof foundation for your digital strategy, and stay ahead of the curve. 

What is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a back-end-only system that acts as a content repository, allowing content to be displayed on any device through APIs. It separates the front-end from the CMS itself, enabling marketers to focus on content creation and collaboration, while developers handle structured content storage and delivery across channels. This approach offers flexibility, scalability, and the ability to deliver consistent user experiences across various touchpoints. 

Why you'll love Contentstack

  • Content modeling – Contentstack offers complete control over your content structure, content types, and reusable components to make efficient content management possible.
  • Workflow and collaboration – Collaborate seamlessly with teams across departments and time zones with intuitive workflow tools. Manage content approvals, track changes, and maintain version control for a smooth content creation process. 
  • Personalization and localization – Deliver personalized experiences to customers based on preferences, demographics, and behavior to ensure relevance and engagement. 
  • API-first – Contentstack’s API-first architecture allows developers to build and integrate applications with ease. Leverage a wide range of APIs, software development kits (SDKs), and webhooks to create custom experiences and integrate effortlessly with existing systems. 
When we embark on a project, the Delaware and Contentstack experts turn into a single team with one goal in mind: helping your business realise its customer experience ambitions.
Ben May, digital consultant at Delaware

Your benefits

  • Create unique experiences anywhere – Break down digital experiences into reusable components you can mix and match to create unique customer experiences across all touchpoints.
  • Grow with confidence – As your organization grows, so do your digital experience requirements. Contentstack’s cloud-native architecture ensures scalability and high-performance, allowing you to handle increasing traffic, deliver personalized experiences, and support global audiences.
  • Create omnichannel consistency – Deliver a consistent brand experience across channels. Manage and synchronize content across websites, mobile apps, voice assistants and other touchpoints to create a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your customers. 
  • Speed up time-to-market – Launch and update digital experiences across multiple channels. Streamline content creation and publishing processes with a powerful, intuitive user interface and pre-built integrations to reduce time-to-market. 
Delaware is like a critical friend in every project, using its thorough understanding of the challenges to continuously push for better. 
Richard Harrison, partner relationship manager at Contentstack

Why choose delaware

Gain an unrivaled advantage in the digital realm, by combining delaware’s deep knowledge of digital transformation with Contentstack’s powerful capabilities. 

  • Cover the end-to-end – Create a holistic solution that covers the entire digital experience lifecycle – from strategy and implementation to continuous optimization. With delaware’s consulting and implementation expertise, and Contentstack’s powerful platform, you’ll reach your digital goals with confidence. 

  • Speedy and efficient implementation – With delaware’s help, you’ll be able to leverage Contentstack’s unique features in no time. Our partnership ensures a seamless and efficient implementation process, reducing time-to-market and maximizing ROI. 
  • Technical excellence – delaware’s team of skilled developers and consultants is well-versed in Contentstack’s capabilities, ensuring smooth integration with existing systems and applications.

Ready to start your Contentstack journey?

Alan Edmondson,  Digital Customer Experience Practice Lead, UK

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