Microsoft for Construction & Built Environment

Microsoft for Construction & Built Environment

A wealth of potential

Outdated systems, data silos, and health and safety challenges form a familiar landscape for those working in the construction and built environment industry.  In fact the McKinsey Global Institute’s Industry Digitisation Index shows construction is second from bottom in the world, when it comes to digitisation. 

This low adoption actively slows potential for economical growth and contributes to an annual productivity increase of just 1% over the last 20 years. Implementing digital technology across the sector has the potential to transform productivity, with efficiencies estimated to be worth £7-15 billion pa

With so much white space and profit potential, now really is the time to move your firm to a digital solution.

"The built environment is directly responsible for 25% of the total UK carbon footprint, and therefore has a critical role to play in the national transition to Net Zero. " 
UK Green Building Council
Built environment & Construction with Delaware

Create a smarter built environment firm

At Delaware, we regularly hear from clients in this sector who want to find smarter solutions to their workforce's approach. We work in partnership with you to deliver digital transformation designed around your firms needs, offering tailored recommendations that not only resolve current immediate hurdles but revolutionise your ecosystem for the future.

Accelerate your environment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides advanced project management solutions, allowing you to work anywhere, anytime and stay in control and ahead of the curve (as well as your competitors). Operating from a single, cohesive platform, teams can monitor equipment health, oversee material usage, optimise resource allocation, bolster safety measures, and elevate overall project efficiency. Meanwhile reliable, real-time data at the touch of a button allows you to make business critical, data-driven decisions at scale.

Digital Twins

Digital twins craft virtual replicas of physical assets, facilitating performance simulations, data analysis, and scenario testing. This groundbreaking technology propels optimal asset design, behaviour prediction, and the pinpointing of avenues for enhancement.

Asset Management

Dynamics 365 empowers instantaneous, informed decisions on asset repairs, replacements, or retirements. The comprehensive lifecycle cost analyses becomes a reality, encompassing acquisition, maintenance, repair, and disposal considerations.

Empowering People

Transitioning to technology-centric processes necessitates a cultural shift, accompanied by the upskilling of employees to harness new tools. Our Delaware Microsoft experts excel at guiding this transformative journey, aligning your workforce with their future way of working.

Fostering Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 fosters seamless collaboration among site teams, architects, engineers, and contractors. This synergy mitigates errors, amplifies project visualisation, and enables efficient project management.

A perfect partnership

At Delaware, we appreciate digital transformations are rarely linear, and we take a pragmatic approach. Our commitment to you as a partner, throughout the project lifecycle, is a successful delivery. We never walk away from a project, whatever we encounter. Get in touch with our Microsoft specialists today and find out how we can accelerate your firm's growth. 

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