Helping Reconomy Group to 'Do More with Less' using Dynamics 365 and Power BI

May 31, 2023
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Reconomy Group provides end-to-end resource management solutions supporting global industry leaders who are seeking to adopt circular economy approaches. 

Following a period of success and rapid growth, Reconomy Group needed to be able to gain greater and richer insights from their sales reporting. The intelligent consumption of client data across the wider group would prove to be critical in developing new and innovative ways to help Reconomy Group customers to fulfill their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives. Delaware embarked on a period of scoping to design the ultimate data visualisation dashboards powered by the hyper-connection of people, data and processes. 

Delaware and Reconomy Group agreed that Dynamics 365 for Sales along with Power BI dashboards would enable the interpretation of sales data. This solution empowered the sales team to gain real-time insights into their operations, enabling them to make more informed decisions, improve productivity, and ultimately drive business growth while allowing senior management to have a concise and uncomplicated view over the businesses’ overall progress. 

The business started out as Reconomy in 1994, delivering waste and resource management services UK-wide, with a focus on helping customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value. As Reconomy grew it acquired other businesses within the environmental and related sectors, extending its reach, broadening its service offering,  and transforming into a global group – which we now call Reconomy Group – delivering comprehensive solutions to leading brands across the world that want to adopt circular economy approaches and improve their ESG outcomes.

Today, Reconomy Group offers services across three verticals, namely Recycle, Comply, and Re-Use, providing end-to-end resource management solutions. 

Once Delaware took the Dynamics 365 and Power BI solution live they were able to create customised dashboards that effectively streamlined and presented critical data to the sales team within Reconomy Group’s Re-Use division, comprising of Advanced Supply Chain Group (ASCG) and ReBOUND. This innovative solution allowed the team to access real-time data insights, leading to faster and more informed decision-making, and ultimately resulting in increased sales productivity and business growth.  

Growth brings lots of benefits in terms of scale and proposition but brings a challenge in terms of reporting. We need to be smarter and more savvy about where we’re focusing our time, and prioritising sales people’s time and exploiting their cross-sale opportunity. The only way we can do that is to consolidate the sales reporting and so we realised very quickly that we needed to at least harmonise CRM’s across the different divisions.
Kieran Roche, Reconomy Group Sales Director 

Customer challenges 

 Reconomy Group had experienced a period of rapid growth following a surge in demand for its services, and therefore required greater efficiency and productivity from its sales team to meet this demand. As is often the case when established and eminent companies join together, Reconomy Group were tasked with finding a way to unite varying CRM systems and data to create a single pane of glass across the Group.  

To achieve effective growth in the Re-Use division, it became apparent that sales prioritisation and the optimisation of salespeople’s time could prove to be a huge benefit for the growth of the Group. As a solution, Delaware worked to prove that Microsoft Dynamics would be able to consolidate the Group sales reporting by using a harmonised CRM across the entire division for enhanced efficiency and productivity.  

Delaware solution 

 Reconomy Group aims to take the complexity out of waste management services through digital transformation. Partnering with Delaware was a natural evolution for the businesses and the right choice to make, complementing this longstanding commitment to digitisation. 

Consequently, Delaware partnered with Reconomy Group to conduct a thorough assessment of the existing systems and the company’s objectives. As a data-driven organisation, Reconomy Group was committed to ensuring that data was integrated into the daily operations of their sales team, without relying on a designated superuser. Therefore, it was essential for Delaware to deliver a CRM solution that was easy for staff to understand and integrate into their everyday workflows

We want this to be part of the everyday DNA of our sales people in the business. We are data driven as an organisation but the value is in adoption. Because it’s fully transparent and because everybody is using it, we are able to derive real insight and value out of the CRM.
Kieran Roche, Reconomy Group Sales Director 

Customer benefits 

The successful implementation of Delaware's Dynamics 365 and Power BI solution has significantly enhanced the operational capabilities of Reconomy Group's Re-Use division. With a synchronised CRM system in place, the division can now efficiently organise their client interactions and take a unified approach towards new opportunities. 

The interactive features of Power BI have also enabled the Re-Use division to improve collaboration amongst teams, retrieve information more efficiently, and implement robust improvement strategies. To further maximise the effectiveness of the solution, monthly meetings are held by ASCG and ReBOUND, utilising the comprehensive data analysis provided by the CRM system. This analysis enables the teams to examine opportunities and challenges and make informed decisions that drive business growth. 

Reconomy Group is always seeking ways to further modernise its landscape and maximise efficiencies, and this partnership provided an enabler of that.
Kieran Roche, Reconomy Group Sales Director 

Looking ahead 

 Following the successful outcome for the Re-Use division project, Reconomy Group intends to initiate another project aimed at streamlining the operations of the three companies operating within their Comply vertical. 

Whether you'd like to hear more about the solutions implemented above, or to discuss your specific business requirements in detail, speak to our digital transformation specialists today.

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