Sustainability: Exclusive series

Sustainability: Exclusive series

Sustainable horizons: shaping the future of business

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable business practices with our webinar series.

Discover how companies are adapting to the evolving landscape of compliance, governance, and assurance, while effectively managing ESG data.

Gain insights into the critical task of corporate emissions management, navigating regulatory complexities, harnessing the power of carbon tax for innovation, and addressing supply chain emissions challenges. Join us to uncover practical strategies and solutions that will empower you to drive positive change within your organisation. Whether you're seeking to stay ahead of regulatory trends, enhance your sustainability initiatives, or explore new avenues for innovation, this webinar series offers invaluable knowledge and actionable insights to help you lead your organisation towards a more sustainable future.

Webinar details

We're delighted to have Jordisk join us, bringing expertise in sustainable business solutions. Jordisk is a leading advocate for sustainability, offering innovative strategies to guide businesses towards a greener future.

Tuesday, 21st May: ESG regulation and compliance

David Howe, Jordisk will delve into the intricate interplay between compliance, governance, and assurance in the context of ESG standards, offering insights into effective data management strategies for navigating this evolving landscape.

Speaker profile:

David is Chief Executive of Jordisk Consulting, an energetic team of sustainability experts who help businesses to integrate sustainability into their operating model. With over 20 years of executive leadership from large corporates, David brings a wealth of experience and insights. He is a non-executive director for NHS 24 in Scotland and a trustee of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

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Tuesday, 18th June: Managing Corporate Emissions

Jonathan Simkins, Jordisk will tackle corporate emissions management, exploring regulatory frameworks, carbon tax's role in emissions reduction and innovation, and best practices for addressing supply chain emissions challenges across sectors.

Speaker profile:

Jon is a Director of Jordisk Consulting, leading an experienced team of sustainability advisors who help businesses to accelerate ESG compliance and improve sustainability performance. Jon is an expert in EU and Global sustainability reporting frameworks and policy, covering environmental and human rights due diligence, product compliance and consumer labelling. He is also an assessor for the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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