OnDemand: Scaling corporate finance internationally: explore the best practices

OnDemand: Scaling corporate finance internationally: explore the best practices

Webinar highlights

Are you curious about how to operate multiple legal entities and ensure compliance with local tax and accounting standards?  

Is your finance function losing efficiency as a result of rapid growth?

Start your journey towards compliant, efficient and scalable finance operations with our latest webinar. Discover the best practices on how to expand a scale-up business internationally from a corporate finance and back-office perspective, including, but not limited to:

  • How to operate multiple legal entities and comply with local tax and accounting standards;
  • How to build the right team to enable this;
  • How to build an efficient, scalable operating model and organisation;
  • How to use technology to help you remain compliant and efficient; 
  • How to transition from administrative focused finance function to a business partner function and how roles change in line with this;
  • How to get data AI-ready through ERP.

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Learn from real-world experience

Felipe Florez, esteemed board member and CFO, provides unique insights gained from his experience serving one of Europe's fastest-growing privately owned pharmaceutical firms and shares a CFO's perspective on the best practices for scaling a finance functions across borders.

Discover the latest-and-greatest enabling technologies

Dave Green, Head of Pre-Sales at Delaware, delivers a live system demonstration using SAP S/4HANA Cloud, highlighting the key functions available to help organisations accelerate expansion, scale sustainably and automate finance processes for increased efficiency.