The fintech playbook: The pursuit of profitability

Feb 05, 2024
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Delaware is thrilled to announce the launch of Fintech Talent's latest playbook: The pursuit of profitability. In partnership with SAP and Fintech Talents, we're providing exclusive insights from experts at the forefront of fintech innovation.

We are excited to announce the launch of Fintech Talent's latest playbook: The pursuit of profitability. Powered by Delaware UK&I and SAP, the fourth edition in the Fintech Playbook series provides unique perspectives from industry leaders into the future of the fintech sector, from 2024 and beyond.   

Unique insights from industry experts

This is an exciting opportunity to gain exclusive insights from experts at the forefront of developing resilient and sustainable businesses. 

Key topics covered include:

  • A look to the year ahead: what's in store for the fintech industry?
  • The path to profitability: what does the route to growth look like?
  • The tools required for achieving sustainable growth;
  • How AI is being and can be leveraged to improve productivity and customer service. 
Delaware looks forward to enabling more businesses to embrace industry-leading technology throughout 2024, with plenty of activities planned within the fintech space.
Christophe Patrin, SAP Sales Director, Delaware UK&I

Selecting the right partner for innovation

The growing demand for better visibility, accelerated reporting and streamlined planning has led to increased interest in ready-to-run Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. In addition, ESG reporting directives have meant a rising interest in cloud systems to facilitate ESG compliance and improved sustainability strategies.

Delaware, as an SAP Platinum partner, is committed to empowering fintech organisations through the adoption of technology. Having partnered with a large number of companies from across the industry, we have proven expertise in supporting the transition from outdated IT systems to modern and future-proof platforms, such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud. 

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