This is me, this is us

Jun 18, 2024

Who? Us! The #peopleofdelaware. Check out our new video starring our colleagues, and get to know the stars behind the camera in this blog. 

We all share the same dream

What makes Delaware different from other companies? The answer: mindset. 

The founders and partners of Delaware have one particular thing in common: they all share the same dream. Everything they and the #peopleofDelaware do is geared towards that dream. We want to build a long-standing and sustainable company, a platform that we take care of as a group, until it can be passed on to the generations to come. We strongly believe in an international, intercultural and intergenerational company, eager and warm, that stands the test of time. 

Authenticity is in our DNA

If you're wondering what it would be like to work at Delaware and what to expect from your future colleagues, then look no further, as our latest video starring the #peopleofdelaware has officially launched!

It's in the Delaware culture and DNA to embody authenticity. That's why this video stars our colleagues indulging in their hobbies and carrying out their work with passion. We firmly believe that when individuals can embrace their true selves at work, they bring forth their talents, enthusiasm, and unwavering determination. 

Get to know our actors

Sunny (SAP Supply Chain Planning specialist) 

"As a Gen Y member, I'm passionate about adventure and innovation, which I get to explore daily as a consultant specialising in smart manufacturing (some call it, industry 4.0). I love pushing boundaries and discovering new ways to enhance processes. When not working, I enjoy challenging myself with Mozart's Turkish March on the piano. And if the sun is shining, I love nothing more than heading out to the golf course for a few rounds.

An-Sofie (Teamlead & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant Business Central)

"I enjoy staying busy in my daily life, where my job and passions intersect! In addition to my role at Delaware, I work as a spinning instructor at the weekend and a few years ago, I launched my own female cycling clothing line. Sitting still is definitely not for me."

Geert (Partner)

"Science and technology fascinated me from a very early age. I built myself a lab in the garage and used to keep a scrapbook with articles on everything space-related. The interest in reasoning things out, having meaningful conversations, imagining the future and making the world around me a better place are still the core motives of who I am and what I do. Being a professor at Antwerp Management School and being Partner at Delaware makes it possible for me to combine the love for people, organisations, and society at large.

Louise (SAP Automotive Project Manager)

"I live by the motto that all things are combinable! I enjoy challenging myself and pushing my limits both in my tech career and during my free time. I'm now in full training to participate in the Ironman 70.3 in Luxembourg soon, which means I'll have to swim 1.9 km, cycle 90 km, and run 21.1 km - wish me luck 🍀!"