Supply chain planning in the age of COVID-19

Jun 15, 2020
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  • discrete manufacturing
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How to position your business to thrive as the economy restarts

Global lockdowns have highlighted just how critical supply chain planning is in dealing with the magnitude of impact caused by an event such as COVID-19. Supply chains have been disrupted and de-stabilised like never before; yet despite the challenges and hardship that the pandemic has created, many businesses have found ways to adapt and survive, while others are discovering innovative ways to pivot their business. 

Manufacturers across the globe are looking for an answer to the question: what makes the difference between failure and success in this new normal?

In our newly published eBook, we consider the key steps that all manufacturers must take as the world begins to emerge from lockdown and prepare for recovery. Just some of the questions we consider, include:

  • What are the short-term tactical decisions to be taken now?
  • How important is demand forecasting and ‘what if’ scenario planning? 
  • How can you ensure the safety of your workforce?
  • How can you rapidly diversify your operations with minimal disruption?

For urgent support regarding your supply chain operations, or to find out what packages or solutions we would recommend to solve your current challenges, get in touch with Richard Seel and the supply chain team.

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