Innovation driven by necessity [Research insight report]

Jul 02, 2020
  • operations
  • discrete manufacturing
  • chemicals
  • food

Why flexibility and transformation are key for manufacturers to deliver in uncertain times

No manufacturer could have been prepared for the magnitude of impact created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The events precipitated by the Coronavirus outbreak has compelled business leaders to think and act quickly in building new business models and new ways of working that help them deliver during these difficult times. They have been forced to innovate out of necessity.

The pandemic has exposed the need for manufacturers to develop smarter, more resilient supply chains, as well as demonstrated the importance of far-reaching supply chain visibility, and how connected data across the entire chain is crucial for future-proofing operations.

Our latest research insight report, based on research we conducted in February 2020, explores the latest innovative technologies, processes and techniques which are vital to build resilience and agility to lessen the impact of risk events in the future. The preface is written by Professor Samuel Roscoe, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management at the University of Sussex Business School. 

Research insight report highlights include:

  • Innovating to improve visibility and forecasting
  • Innovating for safety: protecting the workforce
  • Innovating to drive cost efficiency and operational excellence

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