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Feb 12, 2023
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Still reliant on Remote Logistics Management (RLM)? Wondering about its future and transitioning to Field Logistics by 2025? Let's explore the journey ahead.

By Harish Loganathan - Remote Logistics Management (RLM) Lead Expert

A case for change

Soon it will be the end of the line for SAP Remote Logistics Management (RLM). The standard supply chain management solution is now over 20 years old with a UI to match and feature gaps across key processes such as rentals, services and end to end material tracking areas. 

Field Logistics (FL) replaces RLM and is used to efficiently manage the movement of products required for offshore operations between a supply base and a remote location. It allows companies to control their logistics across areas such as inbound, outbound, rentals, returns. The new solution addresses RLM historical gaps with new functionality and brings usability and analytical capability improvements.

Field Logistics provides the optimal placement of inventory within the supply chain for offshore operations, reducing operating costs including maintenance, transportation and distribution costs for a more efficient supply chain. Getting the right things, to the right place, at the right time has significant sustainability benefits too. 

What's the difference?

So, what are the differences between RLM and Field Logistics? What does Field Logisitcs deliver, over and above what RLM could?

The existing RLM processes are being adopted into Field Logistics, along with the new extended supply processes:

  • NEW: Supply process support for rentals and 3rd party items
  • NEW: Supply process support for non-stock items with / without material master (free text items)
  •  A supply process to determine stock located at Remote & Base
  • A supply process to determine stock located at Base only
  • A supply process to determine stock located at Remote only
  • A supply process to determine Direct Purchase (stock)

The old RLM supply processes 1 to 4 are renamed as follows:

There is more: highlights of additional capability 

Additional capabilities, over and above RLM:

  • Rental - Integration with SAP Fieldglass solutions to manage logistics for basic scenarios and regular use of rentals needing transfer of equipment materials from one remote location to another directly, without wasting time and effort.
  • Machine learning (automation) ability to read container ID by capturing the photo of the container and to use this ID as a filter in the Pack Containers app.
  • Tracking with advanced analytics and physical tracking.
  • Kitting visibility in the warehouse and support for kitting in containers and voyages for transit.
  • Usability improvements with a suite of FIORI applications supporting across the solution, for example: QR codes and label printing.

A full comparison of SAP RLM and Field logistics can be found here.

Key solution benefits

Delaware has deep operational expertise backed up by many years in the industry delivering RLM solutions. We believe that the new Field Logistics solution from SAP offers out-of-the-box functionalities which support the most encountered processes for upstream operations.


  • Reduced outage due to lack of materials and/or equipment to complete, improved maintenance work orders schedule compliance.
  • Avoidance of unplanned shutdowns due to increased forecast accuracy and process co-ordination.

Supply chain: 

  • Best practice support for complex supply scenarios reduces time to value and increases reliability.
  • Improved end to end supply chain visibility, timely messaging and notifications support resilient and coherent decision making when reacting to changing circumstances.
  • Feature coverage for rental equipment and non-stock items processing and visibility reflects industry 'as is service’ trends and reduces the need for complex enhancements.
  • Manage Logistics FIORI app gives central overview of the non-stock, rental and 3rd party items (with material master or free text) requirements and associated supply elements gives a consistent document flow.


  • Manage Logistics FIORI app provides automated creation of non-stock items when created on work order with PO approved delivering higher data quality, no gaps and time saved.
  • Decision support for returns flow can be indicated by remote plants and can be validated via automation to ensure consistency.
  • Text recognition via machine learning models reduces time and increases accuracy when handling containers.


  • Overall advanced analytics capability concerning dash boards and readiness of the data. 
  • In line industry standard KPIs eliminate custom reporting solutions allows for a simplified analytics estate.

Information Technology (IT):

  • A cleaner core with fewer enhancements leads to lower support and regression costs
  • A potential reduction in shadow IT systems leads to lower estate and integration costs.

Ready to make the move?

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