What has AB-InBev achieved with delaware?

Jun 22, 2017

AB-InBev, the biggest global beverage and brewing company, needed to replace its remaining old windows XP operating system and the hosting devices with a more recent, supported version. The company was looking for a partner who was flexible enough to be able to adhere to its fast changing schedules and was committed enough to bring the project to  success.

After evaluating multiple options delaware was chosen to run the project end to end. This meant planning the project and building the project schedule while making sure the employees of AB-InBev were well informed ahead and had to experience as minimal disruption as possible in their daily work.  

Owner of the IT / IS Workplace Tower at AB-InBev Europe - Zoltan Bertok - was the main figure behind the project  from the customer's side. The delaware team reported directly to Mr. Bertok and worked closely by providing constant visibility on the project progress.

"Working with delaware helped us to achieve what we had set out as a plan for the year" - said Mr. Bertok and added that "the delaware engineers really walked the extra mile to close the project phase within the agreed budget and timeframe, together with making the end-users feel comfortable with the  new environment and facing zero degradations".  

Not only did the team replace the operating systems of over 1000 computers in Europe but also replaced or fixed old hardware, assisted the users in their data and application migration and trained them to the new features. After a successful switch to the new computers the team remained at the disposal of the users for a defined period of time to fix any issue popping up.

A big chunk of carefully composed change management and a lot of engineer work resulted in a satisfied user community and it operations team.