Professional Services with Microsoft from Delaware

Professional Services with Microsoft from Delaware

Equip your firm for success with Project Operations

At Delaware, we're committed to helping your organisation's profit potential and optimising your business for growth. Our global experience in the Professional Services sector coupled with our Microsoft expertise means our specialists are best placed to accelerate your journey to success. 

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Project Operations means your teams are able to rapidly adapt to market demands using actionable insights from a consolidated view of project sales and financial data.

Services super-charged  

From lead generation to financial transactions, increase successful profitability with Delaware. Achieve transparency, collaboration, and flexibility and effectively propel your business to provide:

•   Higher profitability

•   Boost targeting of new clients and sectors

•   Effectively allocate your resources

•   Empower teams to collaborate effectively

•   Generate accurate, real-time data

•   Liberate your remote teams

Streamline and innovate

With Project Operations, you can flexibly manage projects with easy-to-use embedded Microsoft Project capabilities including Kanban boards and Gantt charts enabling:

  • Intuitive, flexible project management
  • Accurate project scheduling and tracking
  • Cross-team productivity in Microsoft Teams

In addition, by using a single interface to contain and manage your data, you can achieve the level insight required to make data-lead decisions, to see what’s really going on across the business and better align your strategy.

Take a look at our video on workplaces in Teams with our Delaware Avatar!

Sharpen up firmwide project management 

With Project Operations, Project Leaders can build and broadcast clear timelines and appoint achievable deadlines while receiving regular alerts of activities. By creating an environment that wholly supports 360 visibility Senior Leaders can benefit from a real-time overview what the business is working on.

Best of the best

At Delaware, we tailor our advice and scope where required, so that you get the solution you need. We appreciate digital transformations aren't linear, and take a pragmatic approach. Our commitment to every client is a successful delivery, which means we never walk away from a project, whatever we encounter. Get in touch with our Microsoft specialists today and find out how we can accelerate your business growth.

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