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Connected solutions that drive success for your people and your business 

How we work, where we work, and our expectations for work are changing fast. Now is the perfect time to identify and integrate the radical solutions your company needs. 

With decades of experience working with Microsoft solutions, we’ll ensure your people, teams and company thrive – especially when your business landscape shifts unexpectedly. 

Delaware’s experts will help you: 

  • Transform employee experiences
  • Discover workforce insights through real time visibility into your workforce
  • Optimise your HR programmes to truly motivate and empower your people through programme tracking
  • Increase organisational agility with solutions that could also lower costs and mitigate your risks.

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Transform your employees’ experiences

Microsoft’s wide range of HR solutions fuse seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, enabling employees to view and directly manage their work calendar.

User-friendly, self-service tools empower your employees to easily access and update their profile information and enables managers to access relevant information (such as team performance and feedback tracking).

Business process automation takes care of routine tasks, freeing up your HR team to focus on higher value work.

Training and certification tracking will motivate and accelerate your people’s growth and development.

Profiles are centralised and broader in scope, capturing the whole employee and helping your people to establish more meaningful work connections.

Optimise your company’s HR programmes

It’s easier to create holiday, leave and absence programmes - and ensure they comply with your organisation’s policies.

Compensation plans are highly flexible and as easy to either adjust for an individual or apply across the organisation.

Transform employee benefits packages - and how you administrate them - with user-friendly tools that offer flexibility and intuitive self-service options.

Boost your recruitment by integrating with existing talent acquisition systems, creating an end-to-end recruiting experience that will attract and deliver the people your company needs.

Reveal essential workforce insights

 Improve your workforce planning with at a glance visuals delivering only relevant HR data. ‘Rich’ dashboards from Power BI will centralise, analyse, and visualise all your HR data - accessible from any device.

Get greater confidence in your decision making, by exploiting embedded analytics that track and analyse your HR programmes.

Centralise your data and reduce complexity by integrating HR with your existing systems and partner applications.

Nurture a highly collaborative working culture: survey and capture real time employee insights and feelings using Microsoft Viva Pulse.

Increase your company’s organisational agility

To help you build the human capital management (HCM) ecosystem that your company needs to grow and thrive in today’s business landscape, Microsoft solutions integrate seamlessly into your other ‘best of breed’ partner HR tools. 

Reduce complexity and improve HR team and employee productivity and efficiency, with automated processes, workflows, and task management.

Enjoy robust, built-in security, privacy and compliance with human capital management processes built on Microsoft Azure.

Customising or extending your Dynamics 365 Human Resources package is easy - the Microsoft Power Platform is intuitive and user-friendly, so doesn’t need high levels of technical expertise.

We commit
to accelerating and reducing the cost of your digital transformation journey by leveraging Microsoft’s modern workplace technology and our solution accelerators.
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Empower your workforce with Microsoft Viva

Since launching, Microsoft Viva has resulted in 3 x ROI, helping organisations to reduce onboarding time by 50%, improve worker productivity through a 75% reduction in search time and reduce employee attrition by 20%.

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