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Optimizely is a composable digital experience platform (DXP) that lets organisations take full control of their content lifecycle and digital experiences: from creating, publishing and collaborating across teams, to fine-tuning and monetising. 

Managing multiple websites and social media channels, leading cross-departmental teams, staying on top of leads and conversions, launching campaigns, coming up with creative ideas… The tasks and responsibilities of a marketeer are extremely diverse – and the list seemingly infinite. 

Without the right tools, it’s easy to lose track of the status of projects, who is responsible for what, where certain assets are, and what happened with that one brilliant idea. That’s where a DXP like Optimizely comes in: it allows organizations to orchestrate all roles and tasks related to the content lifecycle, experiment to optimize digital experiences, and monetize by delivering relevant commercial experience that customers love. 

We are Optimizely's Customer Choice Partner of the Year

After a great year working with some truly rewarding partners, we’re honoured to have been named Optimizely’s Customer Choice Partner of the Year. 

The annual Optimizely Partner Awards celebrates those who go above and beyond to accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys.

We were crowned Customer Choice Partner of the Year in recognition of providing an outstanding standard of software implementation and customer service for Optimizely users every step of the way. 

We’re committed to supporting Optimizely customers throughout their digital transformation journey so they’re primed for success long after the implementation. 

Ready to work with a team of dedicated technology specialists? With over 5000 employees in offices across the globe, Delaware is the right partner to develop, innovate and implement technology transformations and guide you towards an intelligent future.

What is a composable DXP?

Contrary to traditional, monolithic digital experience platforms, a composable DXP consists of a series of best-of-breed solutions, e.g., CMS, PIM, DAM, marketing automation tools, etc. To enable users to create compelling digital experiences across all channels, these solutions collaborate via APIs. The result is a more flexible, agile and cost-efficient way of working that is better aligned with modern customer expectations. No wonder more companies are trading their legacy systems for composable technology!

Features: orchestrate, experiment, monetize


Create compelling content, set up validation processes, create and assign tasks to the right people, and publish automatically in your CMS of choice: Optimizely’s Orchestrate suite unifies the content lifecycle in a powerful-yet-perfectly-intuitive ‘content command center’. 

  • ChatGPT integration
  • Publish-to-CMS functionality right from your content marketing platform
  • Built-in DAM and SEO functionalities
  • Campaign calendar and timeline to keep track of projects and teams
  • Idea Lab to capture ideas and turn them into reality


Run experiments, generate insights, and continuously optimize your digital customer experiences. Optimizely Experiment includes both web and feature experimentation to speed up go-to-market.

  • Tailor experiences to a specific user or group
  • Build segments based on customer attributes and observations
  • Integrate with GA4, CRMs, CDPs, and all types of marketing automation tools


Optimizely’s suite of commerce products lets teams launch, scale and manage unique, modern commercial experiences that will grow your business – in a flexible way.

  • Built-in product information management (PIM)
  • Deliver ‘next best product’ suggestions to the right audiences at the right time
  • Deploy a fully functional, customized, and branded commerce site for your users

As a fully composable DXP, Optimizely allows you to pick and choose whatever they need – or get the full suite. And while all Optimizely tools obviously work great together, they also play exceptionally well with third-party solutions, including any existing CMS, DAM, CRM or other sales and marketing tools.

Before you can offer personalisation, you need to know what resonates with your audience.
George Lavric, partner sales manager at Optimizely

Benefits: align, empower, connect

  • Align teams and collaborate seamlessly by streamlining content creation and approval. 
  • Empower teams to create captivating content and digital experiences. 
  • Create a solution that fits your needs: coupled, hybrid, or headless.
  • Centralize every asset and every aspect of the content lifecycle and give marketeers, editors and system admins access from everywhere. 
  • Connect content marketing with commerce to inspire and delight customers. 
  • Streamline operations thanks to seamless third-party integrations.
  • … and much, much more

Optimizely and delaware: stronger together

delaware and Optimizely have been partners for over 10 years, delivering the enterprise-ready DXP to clients like Modular Lighting, Dura-Line, Netafim, and countless others. “Optimizely is a top-notch solution that is an essential part of our portfolio,” says Yannick De Pelsmaeker, sales manager delaware digital. 

“Our implementation partners are key to the success of each project,” says George Lavric, partner sales manager at Optimizely. “delaware has the technical skills and industry experience to help end-users take full advantage of each part of the Optimizely landscape. By joining forces, we can fully unburden customers and help them reach their goals.”

delaware has the technical skills and industry knowledges needed to help end-users get the most out of the Optimizely experience.
George Lavric, partner sales manager at Optimizely

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Alan Edmondson, 

Global Strategist & Digital Customer Experience Head of Practice (UK & Ireland)

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