Finance transformation with Microsoft

Finance transformation with Microsoft

Modern solutions for modern challenges

The role of financial leaders today has changed. Finance organisations realise the value in technology and increasingly look to digital solutions as key tools designed to support their strategy. 

At Delaware, we're here to ensure your business has everything it needs to drive sustainable growth, minimise the impact of disruption and help you make better, data-lead decisions. By harnessing the powerful solutions from Microsoft you can work as one team, empowering your workforce to unlock the insights required to navigate challenges and responsibilities that come with their role.

Finance transformation with Delaware

Three steps to digital transformation with Delaware


The first step is to build a clear view of your business and finance strategy. Our team identify core areas of improvement and create a programme to align with the rest of the business.


We propose a structure for your finance function, drawing on specific criteria regarding the current state of your company and your vision for its future. Potential business scenarios and processes are assessed, and presented as a solutions ‘roadmap’.


Working with you, we prioritise the implementations then define and plot out specific actions required to successfully deliver your ideal transformation, indicating clearly the investment required for each one.

Finance with Microsoft

Intelligent accounting

For too long, financial planning and budgeting have been manual, resource intensive processes leaving gaps for compliance and regulatory lapses. 

By utilising digital finance transformation with Microsoft, your organisation will benefit from interactive and collaborative working environments, saving time and optimising efficiencies.  

Azure and Power BI are perfect examples of tools which help you augment the way decisions are made within the finance team, so you can forget endless spreadsheets and outdated processes and join the dots for seamless integration. 

Your project. Your way.

Working in partnership with your organisation, we align with your company vision and culture and draw on our exceptional knowledge and knowhow of effective solutions and best practice to determine what best works for you, quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively. Speak to our Delaware Microsoft experts today and find out how we can modernise your finance processes.

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