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Process insight service

Powered by our partnership with Celonis, our process insight service is a quick, effective and non-invasive way of achieving greater efficiency and increasing stakeholder value across your business. 

We’ll help you remove waste and focus on nurturing a culture of continual process improvement, reducing working capital costs and build organisational resilience that will truly differentiate you from your competition.

How does it work?

Our expert team will analyse your current business processes using leading tools and a proven well-defined approach. We'll identify inherent inefficiencies across your operations to determine where they can be improved.


Improve efficiency and reduce working capital

Our approach is based on a three week engagement that uses Celonis, our expert process mining tool, to rapidly identify and quantify your process conformance and efficiency issues. We’ll wrap expert consulting services around the implementation of Celonis to demystify the results and help you understand the root cause of issues. Then we will propose actionable fixes.

1. Implement Celonis

  • We'll implement a connection between your production systems and Celonis to provide real-time process monitoring;
  • We'll develop the right dashboards to support your areas of focus. 

2. Analyse results

  • We'll work with your SME's to interpret the data and understand root cause issues;
  •  We'll quantify the cost of those issues to your business;
  • We'll discuss workable remediation activities.

3. Provide action plan

  • After consultation with your business teams, we'll define an action plan and proposed approach;
  • We'll demonstrate this approach, plan and benefit your organisation to your key stakeholders. 


Our process insight service will deliver real world results. These range from reducing the number of price changes post purchase order issue, to reducing approval times for purchase requisitions or HR recruitment requisitions. All of which will save your business time and cost.

Irrespective of the process or technology, we will support your move to a more effective and efficient business.

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Dave Donnachie

Head of Evolve Business Consulting