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What is the embed step of the process?

Driving real change and lasting operational improvement starts with the individual. Delaware recognises the need to enable everyone in your organisation to own and drive continuous improvement activities. Our entire approach is designed to give you the right skills and technology across your enterprise to redefine what good looks like, constantly. We focus on delivering long term sustainable transformation with continued return on your investment. We’ll help you prepare for and transform your business, then we’ll help you embed the right ways of working. 


Why is it important to embed your ERP implementation?

The success of your ERP implementation isn’t solely based on a successful go-live and hyper care period. Your continued success and efficiency improvement is dependent on embedding your new processes, technology and ways of working over the long term. 

Typically, your project team fully disbands and your support organisation takes full ownership of your solution two to three months after a go-live. This period marks a turning point for your investment. Focus on continuous improvement and you’ll fully realise your investment (and more). A lack of focus on process and system execution will see your efficiency degrade and bad working practices re-appear and then entrench. Planning for this period and implementing the right governance, tooling and culture of continuous improvement within your organisation will ensure ineffective working practises are weeded out before they take hold.    


How will we ensure your new solution is embedded successfully across your organisation?

Through a combination of process and system monitoring with actionable, data driven continuous improvement plans we will ensure your new solution continues to drive operational improvement and ROI. 

We’ve partnered with leading process mining companies to ensure you can monitor your own productivity, in real time, and implement the right corrective actions at the right time. We will help you set up a scalable and appropriate governance structure across your business that can use the data we provide intelligently and at the right time. We will help you establish an ethos of continuous improvement, empowering your organisation to deliver sustained value through incremental change – something that’s much easier to adopt as an organisation. 

Our 4-step process

Our 4-step process of governance, monitoring, remediating and improving will ensure your new ERP solution is successfully embedded across your organisation.

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