Building innovative environments of the future

Building innovative environments of the future

Discover smarter solutions and unlock your potential with Delaware, we work in partnership with our clients across the built environment to deliver digital transformations designed around their unique requirements, offering tailored recommendations that not only resolve current immediate hurdles but revolutionise their ecosystems for the future.

The era of AI

Microsoft Copilot is the everyday AI companion that simplifies routine tasks and makes life easier. 

Designed to work seamlessly across your Microsoft apps, Copilot can summarise Teams meetings, analyse data in Excel, design presentations in PowerPoint, and jump-start creativity in Word – all from a secure and compliant environment.

Let Copilot handle your monotonous tasks, so that you can get back to business.

Check out our dedicated Generative AI page for an introduction and demo of Copilot, real use-cases, and our handy four point adoption guide.

64% of people struggle to find the time to get their work done, AI is rapidly garnering interest across professionals to who want to spend their energy on what’s important.
Work Trend Index Annual Report

Optimised Operations

Microsoft Project Operations helps optimise business processes to ensure maximum profitability and increased agility.

Not only can businesses in the built environment sector empower their teams to collaborate more effectively with Microsoft Project Operations, but they can nurture an agile culture in which they can adapt to shifting markets to stay ahead of the competition.

With Microsoft Project Operations, you can:

-    Build stronger, more profitable client relationships

-    Attract and retain the best talent

-    Deliver seamless and effective service execution

-    Connect data across your entire operation with Power BI reporting suite

Discover Microsoft Project Operations today.

Your Perfect Partner

Take a look at our recent discussion between Delaware, Simon Stronach, Microsoft and Matt Sharp, Chief Digital Officer, RLB, a leading professional services business in the construction and built environment industry, as they explore RLB’s partnership with Delaware, Find out how RLB achieved:

•    Consolidated fee forecasting, from 30+ data sets to 1

•    Easy invoicing, with a single dashboard

•    Elevated security controls

•    Advanced data accuracy

•    Seamless collaboration across teams

Advanced Data and Analytics

Within the built environment sector, data and analytics is paramount when it comes to staying competitive and future-proofing operations. 

Equipped with real-time data on the statuses of ongoing projects, such as resource allocation, timetables, and costs, businesses can better control and monitor competitive pricing strategies, sustainability initiatives, and staffing.

At Delaware, we help our clients realise the value of their data and how to harness it’s power to future-proof operations and strengthen decision-making.

Our technical skills cover the most used analytic front ends and supporting data warehouses. Find out more about our Data and Analytics offerings here.

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