Delfest 2023

Jul 13, 2023
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On July 6th 2023, Delaware UK & I hosted our third annual Delfest event at De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor. This year has been our biggest celebration to date, welcoming over 250 colleagues from across the country including guest speakers, Peter Oyserman (Founding Partner) and Patrick Andersen (Chairman of Board of Directors) from Delaware International. 

20 year's of Delaware

Delaware's highly anticipated annual summer festival showcases our fantastic achievements, this year holding extra significance as it marked the 20th anniversary of the firm. 

Delfest was filled with excitement as attendees had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from the visionary founders who recounted their remarkable Delaware journey. The festival was also the perfect environment to celebrate each team, and provide a warm welcome to the newer members of the organisation embarking on their own promising paths.

It's amazing to see the growth of Delaware UK & I each year... events like Delfest are a really great way of bringing the #peopleofdelaware together and strengthening our company culture 
David Taylor, Head of Growth, Delaware UK & I

This cornerstone event encapsulates our culture and reaffirms our values, it holds a special place in our hearts, serving as a vibrant symbol of unity and accomplishment. Take a look at some of our favourite moments captured throughout the day...!

Check out our photos and video capturing the fun!

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