delaware United Kingdom launches SAP workload migration to Microsoft Azure for UK customers

May 18, 2018
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delaware United Kingdom has announced the launch of services for UK customers to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure, enabling companies to maximise their digital transformation.

The delaware team are able to manage a company’s move to Azure from planning to migration. Once a company’s SAP workloads are successfully running on the cloud, delaware will continue to manage those systems with a range of proactive and innovative support services.

This enables companies to achieve significant benefit from a flexible, integrated platform that is highly scalable, realise gains from machine learning and predictive analytics tools, and meet the ever-changing and challenging requirements for security and regulatory compliance.

“Microsft Azure is one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms and allows delaware to deliver a secure, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for our customers’ SAP and SAP HANA workloads. Over the years, we’ve successfully moved many customers to the cloud and we have an excellent track record, because we have a can-do attitude, a passion for innovation, and a long-term commitment to our clients’ success,” said Simon Harbour, Technology Director, delaware.

delaware’s SAP on Azure service offering utilises the broad capability of the Azure cloud platform, with the primary components being Infrastructure Services, Compute Services, Security & Management and Hybrid Cloud.

delaware’s SAP on Azure service offering uses the services of the Azure cloud platform to efficiently deliver underpinning infrastructure to SAP implementations and migrations projects. Using Azure Virtual Machines for compute (vCPU and RAM) resources, combined with Azure Storage (premium and standard) delaware provides combinations of critical and no-critical servers, connected back to the customers’ enterprise using Azure VPN and Azure ExpressRoute combined with Azure Security services to monitor and protect the environments.

“We are pleased to see delaware extend its capabilities into the UK. Internationally, delaware has provided SAP and Microsoft solutions to a wide range of enterprises across many industries, helping to deliver significant benefits to new and existing customers,” commented Venkat Gattamneni, Director, Azure Marketing, Microsoft Corp.

Further details on delaware’s SAP on Azure services and experience can be found here.