S/4HANA migration: Simplify and de-risk your journey

S/4HANA migration: Simplify and de-risk your journey

You wouldn't climb Everest without a Sherpa, so don't get lost in the cloud!
Allow Delaware and SNP to guide you on a seamless journey to your SAP S/4HANA summit.

Simplify and de-risk your migration to SAP S/4HANA

ECC going out of support, years and years of data to handle, countless customisations and bespoke coding...Sound familiar?

This is the situation for the majority of SAP customers that have been running an ERP system for several years, whether it be an upgraded R/3 system or a new implementation of ECC6 in the 000’s. Most are facing the same challenges and having been delaying the decision to do something about it. 

Delaware and SNP are helping customers address these challenges, combining their expertise and experience to overcome the obstacles, accelerate the change(s) and simplify the journey. This webinar will explore real world examples of these customer journeys, looking at how Delaware and SNP’s partnership helps to de-risk and simplify the challenge.

How will this webinar help you?

Together, Delaware and SNP Group are able to offer the solutions and services necessary to de-risk, simplify and streamline your migration to S/4HANA.

Discover the tools that will streamline your migration:

  • CrystalBridge® software accelerators: Expedite the discovery phase of your move by automating aspects of data collection, analysis and reporting to allow for a quicker, more efficient assessment of your existing SAP landscape.
  • Selective data migration:  Avoid the cost implications of a large footprint in the cloud and only migrate the business data you actually need with the unique SNP BLUEFIELD™ approach.
  • Eliminate regret spend: Avoid unnecessary spend on pre-requisite technical changes such as archiving, enhancement packs and Unicode conversions.

Get answers to the complex questions:

We'll provide expert advice and guidance to help you simplify the complex decisions involved in an SAP transformation, such as:

  • Selecting the ideal hyperscaler
  • Choosing between a business transformation or technical adjustments
  • Assessing the extent of transformation required
  • Mastering downtime management during cutover
  • Identifying the optimal migration strategy for your business
  • Navigating timelines, prerequisites, and juggling competing projects