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As a SAP Solution Advisor, Sales Architect you are not only a key player in the sales process but also an ambassador for SAP's innovative solutions. They possess a deep understanding of SAP's comprehensive suite, enabling them to create demonstrations that not only showcase the technical functionalities but also the strategic business value that SAP brings to the table.

The SAP Solution Advisor, Sales Architect is adept at translating complex SAP features into tangible business benefits, making the abstract concrete for prospective clients. They are skilled storytellers, weaving narratives that align SAP's capabilities with the client's specific business needs and challenges. This role requires a balance of technical knowledge, strategic thinking, and creative flair to effectively communicate how SAP solutions can drive transformation and growth.

In responding to RFPs, you will be responsible for meticulously crafting proposals that reflect a deep comprehension of the client's requirements and an insightful application of SAP's offerings. They are the bridge between the technical world of SAP and the practical needs of businesses, ensuring that each proposal is a bespoke solution that speaks directly to the client's aspirations and pain points.

This role is integral to the company's success, as it directly influences the client's perception and decision-making process. Your ability to deliver compelling demonstrations and proposals is a critical factor in winning new business and establishing long-term partnerships.

About delaware

We exist to help our clients reach their full potential, by applying our common sense, business experience and passion for technology. 

Delaware is a global consultancy that partners with leading technology providers such as SAP (Platinum Partner) and Microsoft to deliver advanced digital solutions. We develop, innovate and implement technology transformations guiding our clients towards an intelligent future.

Everyone at Delaware is a steward of the business. We are building for the future and for those that succeed us and we take responsibility for our relationship with the social and ecological environment.

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Rhylan Harris

What will you be doing?

  • Crafting Tailored SAP Demos: You will design and execute tailored demonstrations of SAP solutions, highlighting their features, benefits, and the value they bring to business operations. Your demos will be informed by a thorough understanding of the client's industry, challenges, and the specific SAP modules relevant to their needs.
  • Leading SAP RFP Responses: As the primary coordinator for SAP-related RFPs, you will marshal resources across the company, from technical experts to product managers, to ensure that our proposals accurately reflect the depth and breadth of our SAP capabilities, prepare bid models and advise on required SAP licenses
  • SAP Solution Expertise: Your role requires staying abreast of the latest SAP developments, certifications, and best practices. You will be expected to maintain a high level of knowledge about SAP's suite of products, including but not limited to SAP S/4HANA, SAP BTP, and SAP Cloud ALM. You will be able to advise existing SAP customers on their path to S/4HANA (Brown, Blue or Green).
  • Feedback Loop: Your interactions with clients will provide valuable insights into market needs and preferences, which you will relay back to our product teams to help shape future SAP solution offerings such as Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions (QPPS’s).

Is there a match?

  • SAP Certification: A certification in SAP solutions or a related field is highly desirable.
  • Proven SAP Experience: You should have a track record of success in roles that required deep knowledge of SAP products and the ability to demonstrate their value to customers.
  • Communication Skills: Your ability to communicate complex SAP solutions in a clear and compelling manner will be key to your success in this role.
  • Collaborative Spirit: You will often work in cross-functional teams, requiring a collaborative approach and the ability to work well with colleagues from various departments.

Our Culture and Values

We attract and retain only the best people who share our values and thrive in our culture. We strive for the highest levels of excellence in all that we do – with our clients, our people, our business, our careers.

We do the right thing to satisfy our clients, combining quiet confidence and a human touch.  We are open, positive, enthusiastic and energetic. At Delaware we value and invest in personal competence as much as technical competence and we all want to help each other succeed. We value diversity for the breadth of perspectives and skills it brings us and the better results it produces.

We enjoy each other’s company. We work hard together and we have fun together. We trust one another.

Underpinning our culture are our core values. They are a living part of our daily interactions, influencing what we do and how we do it. They guide how we work with our colleagues, customers, and partners.

Care - we take responsibility. Commitment - we commit, we deliver. Community -  we are better together. Respect - inclusive and diverse. Entrepreneurship - we cherish creativity and drive

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Right to work

Please note that it is a legal requirement that you have the right to work in the UK by the time you commence employment.  We therefore ask those shortlisted for interview to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK during the recruitment process.  

Delaware holds a sponsor licence but not all roles are suitable for sponsorship, especially as, in some cases, individuals are required to work on long term client contracts, and this is not permitted under the sponsorship regime. Also, in some case individuals may be required to work in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe at short notice.  If you do not currently have the right to work in the UK we will still consider your application.  

If your application is successful beyond the first interview stage we will consider whether sponsorship is a possibility or, where appropriate, whether there are any other immigration options available but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that sponsorship will always be possible.


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