Women in Technology

Mar 07, 2023
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At Delaware, we recognise the need for increased representation of women within the technology industry. To celebrate International Women's Day, we've interviewed women from several different areas across Delaware UK&I, to learn about their experience of working in tech...

Nearly three million people, or 9% of the UK workforce, are employed in the UK tech industry. 
However, only 26% of those are women.
Tech Nation, 2022

Women in Technology, at Delaware

We interviewed women from several different areas across Delaware UK&I to learn about their experience of working in the technology industry. As an organisation that strives to innovate and push the boundaries of technology, a diverse workplace, full of different perspectives is fundamental to reaching success.

Delaware believes in bridging the gap by ensuring equitable opportunities for all #peopleofdelawareAs part of our goal to create a culture of inclusivity we believe in ensuring women at all levels across the business have a seat at the table.

Rebecca Preston - P&O Analyst, SAP, Delaware UK&I

"I've fallen in love with this role, it's something I enjoy doing that I never thought I would years ago. It's not what you think." 

Karen Green, Operations Director, Delaware UK&I

"Everyone in the industry can enjoy the benefits of greater diversity."  

Tara Critchley - Service Delivery Manager, SAP & Microsoft, Delaware UK&I

"It's really important to have different perspectives in a team. In IT you're judged on skill and ability, not on gender or status."

Emma Linton - D365 CE Solution Architect, Microsoft, Delaware UK&I 

"You can be successful as a woman in tech."

Christelle Michel - Solution Architect and SCL, Microsoft, Delaware UK&I

"I believe there should be more women in technology. Diversity adds value to our projects."  

Emma Walker - D365 Finance Consultant, Microsoft, Delaware UK&I

"I think it's important to be a role model for women looking to work in technology."

At Delaware,
We believe in high performance through diversity, so why would we limit ourselves to 50% of the available workforce?
Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Partner, Delaware UK


The importance of mentoring and role models

Whether its actually being a role model and supporting someone at an earlier stage in their career, or having a role model to learn from and talk to, female role models are extremely important within the tech industry. 

According to a survey from London Tech Week 2022, 68% of respondents believed gender perception to be the biggest obstacle to women entering tech. Having successful role models to inspire young women earlier on in their career paths will help break the stereotype that tech is a male industry.

Moving away from the stereotypes

Common misconceptions around jobs in technology such as "coding must be your second language" or "you have to have a STEM degree to work in tech" have led to false ideas about the industry. Outside of coding and roles that involve specific technical skill-sets there are many alternative avenues you can take into technology, and it is important that these are more widely promoted. 

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